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  1. Update on the channel molding. Havanaholly, I thought exactly as you did. I am happy to say, we were both wrong. lol, I figured I could try on a scrap of the channel molding just to see what happened. Lo' and behold, you mitre it with it turned on it's side and it comes out fitting perfectly both on the inside corner and the outside corner...This bends my mind a bit as even though I have cut and fitted the pieces myself; I still don't understand how that works! You would think that the inside corner would somehow have to be shorter than the outside - at least the thickness of the wall's diff
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the proper way to miter U channel molding. Yes, I have a miter box but here is the thing, I want to use the u molding on the top of a three walled room box to finish off the edges. How do I miter so that the inside edges AND the outside edges match up? I'm sorry, I'm struggling to describe what I'm talking about. Let me know if I'm not making sense and I will try to draw a diagram or something. Thanks! Daphne
  3. I made a sink out of a piece of plastic packaging. You can see it here: http://courtofgypsiesminiatures.blogspot.com/2012/03/ooopsdid-it-again.html%C2'> Just scroll to the bottom. I'm sure you'll think of something that's just right
  4. Thank you for the infos and the welcome Problem is, these aren't glued together, they are a bit hard to explain but I will try. I am making three room edit - three WALL dioramas (I guess? Are they a diorama if there is no roof and a room box if it has a roof?). We have created these in such a way that the walls can be removed from the base for shipping and storage. Therefore, there is no glue holding them together, they fit neatly together via the base. All is well as long as each wall stays straight and true but the smallest warp and everything looks like crap. boo, lol. I will try we
  5. Hullo hullo! It's been a long time. I tried to search but I think I need to figure out how to do an advanced search a little better, I didn't find the info I need. I am building room boxes from scratch. I purchased some cabinet grade plywood from Lowes and I am really not a happy camper. After we cut the pieces the stupid things are warping on me. I did seal some of them and didn't seal others and either way they warped. Is there a better material to use? MDF, Masonite? Or am I just not doing something right? What would you use to seal/prime to keep the walls from warping?
  6. Thanks, it's a piece of gutter covering...the stuff to keep leaves out. Thank you! Thank you!
  7. Thank you LOL, one of them there is crooked...they are drawers from a larger scale desk! I have them stuck up there with sticky wax but the sun was making them start to slide....doh!
  8. Thankees Wish it was my real living room, I'd have you over for tea or coffee....
  9. Thanks! I got them from a seller on ebay. Search dollhouse miniature vase set orchid
  10. CourtofGypsies

    Mid Mod Mini

    My Obsession with Miniatures in the Modern and Mid Century/Danish Modern styles.
  11. CourtofGypsies

    Court of Gypsies

    My Diormas and general mess making ;)
  12. CourtofGypsies


    ohhh my goodness...would love to have in all scales!! Errr, well, I mean playscale and 1/12 or 1/16 or all of the above
  13. ooops, no, these are the 'Egg' chairs
  14. Okay, I'm looking around and am not sure the chairs are Strombecker?? The TV that came with them (from ebay) has the Strombecker stamp but none of the other pieces do. These are called 'Swan' chairs?
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