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One of the joys of minis for me is the creating of a mini world. I love to figure out how to make something and experience the thrill of holding in my hand something that began as an idea and a pile of stuff. There's a joy in mastering a new technique, or solving a problem, or lerning a new skill, that compares to nothing else.

When I was 50 I attended nursing school. When I was 62 I took kayaking lessons. In 2008 I took my first whitewater raft ride.

I nearly died the third time I had pneumonia, I was written up as deceased in an accident report when I was 49; and at 65 I got a pacemaker the day my heart nearly stopped beating (it had slowed down to less than 20 beats/ minute by the time I was on the operating table), so I know that life is a very precious gift to be savored; and waking up to a new day is an occasion to rejoice, and each loved one is to be treasured.

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