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  1. You don't want to build it for yourself?
  2. If you have photos online somewhere you can link to them; once they're in an album in the Gallery you can let folks know they're there and we can either go to your albums or you can copy and paste them into your posts.
  3. Before it was destroyed during our move to AL I went ahead and made all new doors for the Pierce I was rehabbing.
  4. I rehab dollhouses originally built with hot glue because I can easily take them apart with a heat gun to remove the hot glue and rebuild them with Titebond. I find, thought, that the original hot glue had often melted the window plastic in places that made it easier just to replace it or even make new windows, which is often nicer, anyway. I like to use Elmer's all-purpose white glue, which dries clear for the clear inserts. I also like to use the blue painter's tape.
  5. Welcome to the little family, Martha. When you have made five posts you can make analbum of "before", "during" and "after" pictures of you Walmer.
  6. Another Architectural Digest room! Well done.
  7. Susan, now that you have made five posts you can put your pictures in an album in the Gallery.
  8. Transformers depend on the number of individual bulbs in all of the fixtures you have. Test your chandelier with a transformer rated for more bulbs to see if the bulbs are OK or if you need to replace them.
  9. I love those coffered ceilings! When you have made five posts you can make an album of your build in the Gallery here and put all your pictures there.
  10. Lucky grandparents! And it's hard to realize Natasha's going to be 10 already! They do grow fast...
  11. I started with Buttercups and Sugarplum cottages and lots of paint, etc, on the window acetate. The Buttercups were an especially frustrating window adventure, as mine came with no interior trim. Carrie's explaining that the walls containe part of the window is spot on; it helped me to lay the trim over the window opening and trace around it.
  12. I shim the excess space with scrap wood from the kit. If you're going to side the exterior walls the shimming will be less noticeable. If you hate green,m look for some fat quarters in a wee chintzy print with colors you like and make new covers for your sofa and chairs. My grandmother used those covers, too; what a shock when they finally wore out and Mother removed them, to see what color they had originally been (not green).
  13. Used wet teabags! I knew there was a method! Thanks, Rosalind.
  14. Actually painting is a skill children can learn fairly early. Good on Gigi, and what a little angel!
  15. I've not tried scribing floors that have been waxed, looking forward to seeing how it turns out. You're right about your floors in the photo looking good!
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