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  1. Hurrah! I love me a happy ending. William, while you're waiting for your books you could post us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.
  2. You can post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum while you're waiting for someone to weigh in; I don't wire my houses.
  3. I don't suppose you remember the author's name?
  4. Cake pillars painted to resemble marble or granite would look quite elegant.
  5. I figured as much; you are the most gifted mini artist I have ever seen.
  6. Did you tole paint the plate on the mantel? The doll is perfect for that room!
  7. Card makes sturdier patterns than graph paper.. (Guess how I know?)
  8. Cynthia, just a suggestion, make it in card first, and use the parts for a pattern.
  9. For the unkempt meadow look probbly randomly clipping various types of mosses and scattering them over your glue covered surface (randomly painted dirt & debris colored) sould give the most realistic effect.
  10. I suppose you could leave them out. I had so much fun making them for mine.
  11. Could you cut around the top and make it a removable lid? That way you could clean it.
  12. havanaholly


    Gorgeous! I take just a little spackle on the tip of my finger and rub it over those rough edges of the wood, like the archway.
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