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  1. I just love spaces like this. They add such depth to the house. And mystery too, because WE the viewers can't get into them. We have to imagine that there is or is not a hobgoblin hiding just around the bend in that stair
  2. If you were to wall off the underside of the stairs (maybe a reading bench or closet?) then the inlay would appear fairly normal, I'd think. I also kind of like that it runs right up to the middle of the first step, it's kind of like a subliminal "follow the line" up stairs!
  3. This is such a cute build! I love how you took this house and made it your own. That bay window/sunroom is dreamy and your kitchen is amazing. You've done so many neat things, I can't wait for your tutorials.
  4. So well deserved! And when I work on my little half scale house (which is never often enough), I'm forever thinking..."How would Brae do this..." Congratulations!
  5. So lovely! You know, I can't help but picture some climbing roses trying to take over that dilpidated porch. ;-) Of course, all the roses are blooming in Portland right now so I sort of have them on the brain!
  6. Well, being that I always seem to find new, exciting projects to work on especially when my current project is giving me fits (most normal people might call that being a perpetual procrastinator) I'm almost positive my husband is going to wiggle his secret dollhouse-sensing antennae, give me that evil, "you're-building-another-dollhouse-aren't- you" look, and if I manage to survive said look, I may be convinced to give it a go ;-) But! I have to move first, so after June 1 is when I can decide if I want to get serious or not! (I know I should probably order the kit now and save money,
  7. Why does this happen to me? Why does GL make such awesome kits? Sigh. I have two other houses to finish and no track record of being quick about any of it. But...I have such a fun idea...
  8. I originally wanted to do stairs to the tower in the tower section (I modified the roof to accomodate access to the third floor.) The dimensions are 3 x 3, which translates to 6 x 6 (in real square feet) and works great for a traditional, narrow, spiral staircase. If you are coming all the way from the bottom floor you'll have to modify where the front door goes, and where the door to the bedroom goes, and you'll have to ignore how anyone in your mini-land manages to get their heavy furniture up to the second and third floors ;) I still haven't figured out my stairs quandary - I built
  9. It reminds me of a Rivendell getaway cottage Love this!
  10. I need one of those too!
  11. Looks so great! I love that this peeks into the bedroom!
  12. Lily_Isle

    Floor lamp

    And a poem about those curtains! They are so romantic!
  13. Lily_Isle

    Lamp off

    Thanks Sandie! The stairs are actually part of a double spiral stair that rises from the bottom floor. I have to move these out a bit from the back wall to get enough height clearance (we can't have our little dolls bumping their heads on the cieling, now can we?) but I think that will make the look more dramatic. Also, I'm removing the third floor in this area for a vaulted ceiling. Can't wait to see your Fairfield and your ideas!
  14. Lily_Isle

    With the door...

    You're also making me reconsider my blue & white for the Fairfield! That red door is perfect!
  15. Lily_Isle

    With the door...

    Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished
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