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  1. Hey there, you’re quite welcome. Yeah, I must say… the Beacon Hill took forever to complete. The Garfield, while it’s photographed size looks like it would be a monster, I’ve rather enjoyed putting this one together. In my opinion, you’re conquering the hard stuff. The foundation, stair install, and the walls were the biggest mountains in this project. Once you’ve finished those, you can actually move through at a good pace. However, I do plan to post some kind of video log just because there are almost no visual tutorials on building this house like some others I’ve seen out there. I’ve only found one or two blogs (words only). I think a video log would be helpful because I did find points in the instructions where caveats should have been included from a decorative perspective. Like… you’ll need to slow down and decorate your interior to a certain point. Particularly on Step D, line 17 (Second/Third floor stairwell partition) If you don’t go ahead and wallpaper, carpet, etc. at this step, you literally won’t be able to comfortably reach it to do it later. Little things like that are not specified and could lead to frustration. This is a house you’d need to decorate as you go, not once you’ve finished. This house is beautifully large and has some cool corners. Keep that in mind as you go!! Happy Building!!! 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, so… I realized my error in construction and figuring out how to use the 1st floor bay. I had originally placed a brick/tile floor on the porch floor. I reread the instructions and realized that I needed to SLIDE the bay side to side to have that “removable” access!! *face palm* At any rate, now that I’ve worked that out… I am off to finishing up this dollhouse.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm a new member to this forum. I've worked on a few houses by Greenleaf, and have started on the Garfield a couple of months ago. Even though this is one of the bigger houses I've built, I'm moving through the construction quicker than I'd anticipated. (which is a good thing) However, I am hoping someone can guide me or provide any tips around the removable bay windows. The instructions state that you need to place the 1st floor bay before adding porch ceiling trim and railings because you wont be able to move it afterwards. I was really excited to have the access to the foyer from that bay area and now it seems that this is not an option. How can I add/remove the bay after the trim and railings are placed on the porch? Any advice or suggestions are totally welcome! Thanks
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