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  1. Thanks and sorry for the late response - I have not used cardstock for furniture though I've thought about it! I've primarily used 1mm balsa. But I shall try the cardstock for my next furniture set I think.
  2. Hi! My name's Jenny from CO USA. I've been developing quite the interest in the miniature hobby for the past 6(?) or so months. I'm working on updating and finishing my childhood dollhouse in 1:12 scale but so far my true love is 1:144 scale. I first designed and built my own 1:144 house with furniture that packs away in a drawer under the house. I've also done a couple 144 kits and have built a plethora of various furniture in that scale. It's all quite rough and crude but I do it for fun so who cares, really? Currently my big project is a 1:144 6 room 'palace' with furniture kit, with a matching 288 scale 6 room palace, also with furniture. That's part of why I'm here, to ask for advice and tips.. the instructions are abysmal :') But I really would enjoy finding some community with this shared interest, as I know no one who cares offline! So cheers! If anyone knows a good spot to discuss 144 minis please do point me there. Look forward to chatting with everyone!
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