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  1. Yes! I know it happens but I am like how does this ship?? It’s huge! I am about 40min NW of Philadelphia…
  2. So my father built it in the late 80’s. Not finished inside. The wall dividers are not fixed. I also have, still in plastic, green leaf- living room, bathroom, nursery, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room sets, that I’ll put with it. Just want it to go to someone who would love to work with it. It’s a light country blue, with blue shutters.(looks lighter in photos) any ideas of where I could find the right people who would love this house? Thank you!!
  3. Oh yes! I will put some up within the next couple days…bear with me…
  4. Hello! I have this almost finished house, in blue, that my father didn't quite get done years ago.The inside anyway. I would love to sell it...any other place to list besides ebay or marketplace? I feel like it is a particular group that would be interest in buying it...
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