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  1. Hi there, It is now about 6 weeks since I finished the exterior of my house and my DH is no closer to starting the lighting for me. I was just wondering how easy it would be to do myself. I haven't got a very 'technical head'. I understand there are 2 methods - which is the best and why? Are there any tutorials? Thanks guys, Rachel
  2. Both of mine slept in a moses basket next to our bed until they were 6 months old. I personally am not against it but as both me and my husband work nights any co-sleeping would have been done with only 1 parent. I'd have been more scared about them falling off the bed rather than smothering them. Bethany sneaks into our room a few times a week. Normally an hour or so before get-up time, and this I dont mind. Occassionally she will try it on and come in in the early early hours. I always take her back to her own bed then, but she seems to get away with more when I am at work! <_< DH's excuse is that he does not hear her come in - but I think he just does not want to get out of bed himself to take her back. Kieran is still in a high sided cot, but we are going to change this down to a bed in the next couple of months, and seeing as he does EVERTHING his sister does, I think things are going to get a little squished! :lol:
  3. Hi David, Sorry, biro is a pen - just the regular sort. Biro must be a brand name. <_<
  4. I've used it for chapped lips, but also for removing biro off the leather sofa. Just rub it on top - leave it a couple of minutes - then rub off gently. The sofa salesman gave us this tip which we didn't believe, but we tried it and it works!! Some great tips there too!
  5. If tomorrow never comes (I love this one :lol: - which leads me to:-) Ronan Keating :o
  6. I have 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels both 5 years old. Their absolutely favourite game is to chase bubbles, which delights my 4 year old daughter. Their love of the game clearly outstrips my patience of blowing the bubbles for them, so I bought them a small bubble blowing machine (under the guise that it was for my daughter ) Now they will chase and catch the bubbles for at least half an hour, until they are panting with exhaustion and gasping from the taste of the bubble mix in their mouths. I then have to turn off the machine (they would never give up voluntarily) and they both finish off a bowl of water each. then they have a goooood sleep! Makes me tired just watching them!! :o Our cat, Hope, is not a player. She just sits on your knee and if you fuss her, drools like there is a tap in her mouth! :lol: It is so disgusting - but very sweet
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