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  1. minilinda2001


    Love the rug, and the little footstool. Linda McD
  2. Kudos to everyone getting minis featured on Martha. Betsy was so totally professional, and Tracy, I am awed that you managed to complete the Storybook Cottage in one day! Did anyone see entertainment tonight? This episode features the Obama Girls Bedroom - Check out the dollhouse!!!!!!!! Can we get them hooked????? Seems like they are the perfect age..... http://www.accesshollywood.com/inside-the-...ms_video_836182 Linda McD from NOTL, Ontario aka minilinda2001 http://picasaweb.google.ca/minilinda2001
  3. Traci, the throwaway razor ideas are not mine. Tanya's site is http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=6&uid=2883072 Look in the T2T album for the scale. I think the vacuum idea was in one of Patricia King's books. Love the hot tub idea, Doreen. And the chicken vertebrae, Holly. Do we ever throw anything away? The real trick is either to find the thingie you've saved for 20 years, or to figure out why you saved it! Don't forget to pick up some spaghetti - moisten one end with your tongue and use it to pick up tiny pieces , beads, etc.
  4. Green Pepper seeds - dried, resemble potato chips. Dry chickpeas - paint them, their shape makes them perfect for apricots or peaches in a fruit bowl. To make chip dip - mix white glue with baking soda till it holds its shape in the bowl, swirl the top a bit and sprinkle with a bit of crushed dried parsley. Foam meat trays - can be painted and shaped into practically anything. (see my Buttercup interior entrance woodwork).) When making fabric bolts for your shop use the white Styrofoam plastic produce trays from grocery products to wrap the cloth on instead of cardboard. The
  5. Absolutely stunning! Looks as though you had a lot of fun with this project.
  6. minilinda2001


    :o Neat! They really look wonderful! How did you do the detailling? I love the brass pot!
  7. minilinda2001

    Golf Roombox

    Scene in Wine Box
  8. Very effective and sooo cosy!
  9. minilinda2001

    Rob's Roombox

    Created for my brother's 50th
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