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  1. @Kells I just took a look through your album and wow - your museum looks great! I really like the way you have put statues in the hallways, but my favourite part has to be the way you've hung the art in the two rooms on the second floor. It reminds me very much of the way wealthy Victorians displayed paintings in their homes.
  2. Thank you! Great point about being able to try different styles in terms of period but also types of rooms! I think I want to do a room box that is set up like a museum with display tables etc. It'll operate like a featured exhibit room where the theme and contents on display are rotating in and out. I saw these little crates of fossils at Wendy's Miniatures that really inspired me: https://wendysminiatures.com/collections/collections/products/crate-of-assorted-fossils-choice-of-two-styles Hi Kim! Nice to meet you too! Hi Carrie Thank you! I can see why room boxes are the only things that are completely finished—all the possibilities of a house seem almost overwhelming. I haven't looked into miniature food yet, but I think I will! My all-time favourite Barbie item when I was a kid was a cake that came as six separate and detailed pieces, but when you put them all on a little plate they fit together so well that they looked like a whole cake. That was magic to me as a tiny person. Thanks for the welcome and the info, Holly! Hi Muriel, thank you! I'm very excited to get started, but I admit I have next to no craft skills. My grandmother tried to teach me how to knit when I was 8 or 9 years old, but all I ever managed was a small potholder, and that's going on 20 years ago now.
  3. Hi everyone! I thought I would swing by and introduce myself. I just wrapped up a Masters degree and now that I have a bit more spare time I want to try my hand at making miniatures. I have never made any kind of miniature before, but growing up I always liked Barbie food more than the dolls themselves đŸ˜‚ I've fallen in love with 1:12 scale, but my apartment doesn't have a lot of space so I plan to start with a room box and go from there! Anyways, huge thank you to everyone here for posting so many of your tips in the forums - I've learned a lot in the day or so that I've been browsing!
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