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  1. I haven't yet - thanks for pointing me in the direction of the More Minis blog. I thought I was doing fairly well on the first floor assembly but I don't feel like I've got boards/pieces in the correct placements. This is the first dollhouse I've assembled and the photos in the instructions are dark. I'll check out the blog - thanks, Muriel! Jennifer
  2. Is there anywhere to download/view CLEAR photos of the photos referenced in the Fairfield assembly instructions? The hard copy version I have includes photos that are quite dark making it difficult to delineate details. Thanks!
  3. I'm working on my very first dollhouse assembly - the Fairfield. I've completed the foundation and the first floor but am stuck at the chimney assembly. Since the incividual pre-cut pieces aren't labeled its tricky to figure out just how this goes together! Since the photos on my assembly instructions sheet are blurry and dark it's hard to distinguish the lines and edges of the pre-cut pieces and just how to line them up. Can anyone point me in the direction of online photos or have advice for me? Thanks so much!
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