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  1. When can we see some pictures?! Even progress shots! I'd love to see how this comes out! The title alone has me very much interested & excited to see it... Mini band tees...lots of vinyl records lining the walls...posters...I can imagine it'd be something like Vinyl Solution in Hb, california...
  2. I was able to successfully remove the pre-painted lines on the windows to the conservatory addition kit by Real Good Toys using "Goof-Off". It took quite a bit of rubbing, & you have to apply the goof off liberally & continually fold over the paper towel to a fresh spot, the paint will smear around a bit at first (which I left some of this on there intentionally to help create the look of old dirty, clouded windows) but it will wipe clean eventually & doesn't create the same fogging effect as what super glue etc. would. 😉 (Note- the windows would be more clear after doing this- I also added some grey paint to further age the panes)
  3. I can totally relate to this & it feels comforting knowing I'm not alone when my family probably thinks I have a hoarding problem! Lol. I have probably (at least) 2 drawers in my craft bins labeled, "Bric-a-brac" it's a french word meaning "knick-knack" but really it's full of what most people would normally throw away, but also which doesnt easily fall into any other crafting category of storage box...i've even kept burnt out xmas lightbulbs, cut off waterbottle tops, cardboard ribbon spools, the plastic round thing off empty rolls of tape etc. for crafting with XD I also think I have a bit of a fetish for furniture...many times I've seen a piece on the side of the road i've been so tempted & wanted so badly to snatch up, but have had to firmly remind myself that I don't have any room for it...
  4. I would just cut off the larger sections of the scrap boards leftover that are more versatile for making other miniature things, & maybe some of the long skinny straight pieces that can easily be used to trim some things. This will at least cut down on the amount of storage space they take up. I use mine for all sorts of things... You can also make miniature shelving with some of the pieces, decorative furniture accents with some of the gingerbread/railing punchouts, I've made wall plaques with them for taxidermy mounts, statue & cloche bases, cabinetry...all sorts of things.
  5. Thank you Kells! Yes! I discovered the glory of wax paper when staining the floors of my first dollhouse & got frustrated with the newspaper sticking...I imagine with oil-based stain it won't shift around under the wax paper & settle unevenly as much then? I'll have to pay closer attention to that difference, as it's probably been my majority issue in the past. That's good to know that it shouldn't warp as much too- those wood pieces are SO thin! Lol
  6. I've been fairly satisfied with using a specialty printer paper that can be ironed onto fabric after it's printed. But I don't think that this will achieve the specific texturing you're looking for...have you tried Liquitex modeling paste? That might give you satisfying results in the texture for a van gogh...
  7. Here's the floor layout thus far...I'd like to do a different color stain for the triangle areas in between the framework... (None of it has been glued down yet)
  8. I'm laying out a parquet floor design for the Heritage house by Duracraft right now...the instructions booklet advises that I use contact cement to adhere the floor because any sort of water-based glue will warp the wood strips because they're so thin, and stain the floor after it's been adhered. I'd like to use multiple shades of woodstain in different parts of my parquet design & feel it would be too difficult to keep each color separated to the appropriate pieces once everything is glued together. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can stain the wood pieces prior to adhering them without them warping? I worry that weighting them down to keep them straight might rub off the stain unevenly as it's drying...
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