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  1. Hello! I am planning to build a to-size Moomin-house for the (now vintage) Moomin-figures that were made in the 90's. I will be building the house to fit the figures' size, but when it comes to furniture I would prefer to buy most ready-made when suitable and possible. What I haven't been able to settle on yet is what scale these figures are and more importantly what scale I should be buying the furniture in. The Moomin-figures tend to be around 5 cm tall (2"). By comparison I gather that the 1:12 scale Sylvanian Families dolls tend to be around 7-7.5cm tall (2.7-2.9"). The 1:16 scale Lundby adult dolls tend to be 11 cm tall (4.3"). The Sylvanians seem in other words to be the closest to size. What I would very much like to accomplish is a spacious dollhouse for the Moomins since the commercial version is so cramped and sterile. I hope to use as many natural materials as possible, and even to fit in some lamps. This might become the most challenging part. My ambitions for the shell of the house are quite big too as I hope to make the exterior wall like two tambour doors. Any ideas or advice will be highly appreciated. This will be my first project building a miniature from the very beginning.
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