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  1. Fabulous! This is exactly what I need. Thank you!
  2. Yeah I'm not looking to mask them away so much as chase the depth and texture of real old floorboards, which tend to have caked-up varnish (or dust? or both) filling the gaps between boards. I might try scraping in a mix of sealer and stain and wiping it away from the surface. There are so many applications that call for strips of wood (siding, molding, furniture, etc.) that I really wish I could cut my own. No doubt there's a $300 hobby tool for that somewhere 😉
  3. I have a sheet of that but have had a hell of a time cutting straight strips, much less of consistent widths.
  4. Thank you, Kells! I knew someone here would clock it.
  5. The chimney is indeed egg carton! And the slate roof is homebrew as well--plaster over cardboard, cut and painted. It needs a bit of touch-up (and then sealing, I think) but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I'm finding the pre-grooved floorboards bug me--I'd like to fill in the seams with something (like I've seen IRL) and I might scratch some breaks and details into the board. Likewise the clapboards seem too big for vintage wooden clapboard in half scale, and I'm debating adding rows in between the existing rows sometime. If anyone has ideas for floorboard "grout," I'm all ears!
  6. These two both showed up on my local resale group recently. They clearly look to be the same kit or design, but I can't find it anywhere and I'd love to figure out the make/model. Anyone seen this model before?
  7. Hello all. A few years ago my parents cleaned out their place and passed along my unbuilt 1/2" scale kit house from childhood, which reawakened my interest in the hobby. Half scale is my jam but I have a small collection of inch-scale dolls that I'm rehabbing a inch-scale house for. I have a ton of questions about techniques and preferences so you'll probably hear a lot from me! I'm attaching 2 shots of the Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage I've been rehabbing (RGT, half scale). I added a window on one side and a chimney/fireplace on the other. It's still a work in progress.
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