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  1. Hi! That sounds like a great house. Do you mind if I ask which house it is and where you bought it? Thank you
  2. Hello I live in England where I've not seen many lovely Amercian dollhouses for sale. Does anyone have a Duracraft Bellingham farmhouse kit or a Duracraft Victorian kit for sale? Or something similar? Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and to dollshouse building! My uncle built an enormous American dollshouse for me as a child. It was my obsession! I'd never seen anything like it! Now, with two girls of my own, I'd love to build one for them (or, ahem, for myself!) It's difficult to find American dollshouses or kits here in London. Ours have lower ceilings.
  4. Hello, thank you for posting this. Could I ask which other kits you have? I'm hoping to find a Duracraft kit this summer. I'm particularly interested in the Bellingham farmhouse, or the Victorian VH600, but would love to see any others you may have. Thank you so much
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