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  1. It’s so pretty! I’m glad that the one thing I don’t like about the dollhouse isn’t the way it is on the real house- the trim on the front peak.
  2. What do you use for primer? And any tips for a newbie?
  3. Okay. I’m stoked about this. My first kit is arriving soon. It’s a Greenleaf Westville. Read the warmup sheet- It looks like sealing the wood is the first step. Am I right? And do I have to do the shellac/alcohol thing or can I spray it with a wood sealer? I need the outside smelly stuff to take the least amount of time possible since I have a little one that can’t hang out in the heat very long. Thanks in advance!
  4. I’m a crafty sort but I’ve never done a dollhouse. I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of my first- the Westville. Looking forward to learning!
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