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    I'm into a little of almost everything! My primary interests are reading, baking, cooking, and anything crafty/artsy.

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  1. My husband grew up on the westside, across from trinity, off Hammond Blvd. His parents are still over there. Small world
  2. I grew up in Callahan, just north of Jacksonville. I currently live in Middleburg, south of Orange Park. We will be in Destin on vacation soon, though
  3. Hello! My name is Tiffany and I am here because I need copies of the instructions and schematics for my dollhouse. I emailed Greenleaf and was directed to the forums. I figured I might as well join as I will probably need help in the future. A little about me- I've always loved minis. My husband bought my first dollhouse kit for a Christmas present a few years ago. I got the pierce kit and managed to get the foundation built. We have since moved and everything was packed away for the last three years. I've finally got my office sorted and now have the space to focus on my hobbies. I love anything artsy or crafty. I love scrapbooking, making t shirts and stickers, painting, drawing, everything really. I also love reading, cooking and baking, and gardening. I really just love any creative outlet. I'm excited to be joining a forum, I've never actually participated in one before. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all!
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