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  1. Thalasso hobbyer uploaded a new video on youtube ! It's a new diorama ! I know this is not a dollhouse, but I feel like the members of this forum will be able to fully appreciate the sheer work and skills with Sculpey sculpting, foam carving, painting, landcaping, resin pouring, etc... involved in his creation. Also it's a real eyecandy !!! (PS : He's got a full channel of videos and it is very addictive) ((PPS : If you are slightly afraid of the deep blue and what lurk in the depth... then some of his videos are gonna give you chills))
  2. Welcome ! You cottage is superb, especially that chimney ! Is this egg carton stone ?
  3. _Roxy_

    Mini food

    Miniature food I made ! Mostly polymer clay.
  4. Oh it is lovely ! I really like the blue ceiling beams !
  5. Yay, thank you ! Any tips for easily ungluing these from the box ? I dug around a bit more because I couldn't see it in the 2018 catalogue, but found it on another website ; it seems to be the 1.383/8 dinner set... And this pattern is called "French Rose" ! It really was mean to be 😋 (Also I can't stop giggling, it seems if I really wanted to, I could buy a matching bidet and toilet brush set !)
  6. The other day, I was browsing Leboncoin (Craiglist equivalent) to see if the HOM kit seller answered me. Well, he didn't, but I was on my lunch break, so I decided to kill some time browsing the "collection" category for my hometown. It was on the frontline of WWI, so there's a lot of old military stuff that turns out among collectors (pretty interesting to look at) and it's also such a broad category that you can see some real weird stuff (point in case : someone was selling a meteorite fragment !) Now, I spot a listing called "Miniature porcelain". "Oh, that's cute" I say, looking at the tiny platter and saucepan. "But I don't really need a porcelain set. I won't buy it, but I'll look at the picture, after all, it's tiny eyecandy, right?" And then. On the third picture of the listing. "Reutter Porzellan" proclaims the tiny black box. "No way !" I says "Yes way!" a five minute google search answers me "Dear little sister of mine that I really love" I texted immediately, "Would you mind spending 15minutes of your day to pick something for me?" I am now 18€ poorer and a Reutter dinner set richer. Unexpected, but holly molly am I happy !!! 😄
  7. _Roxy_

    Mini finds !

    Great mini stuff I've found or bought - mini haul on Ebay, local sale, etc...
  8. _Roxy_

    Downstairs left

    For a second I thought it was a real shop... Amazing!!
  9. I found someone here who sold a couple new in the box House of Miniatures kits ! From what I gathered on this forum, they're good quality stuff, and looks lovely ! They have the 40019 dry sink, the 40005 round table, the 40033 bed, and two 40010 chests. They are asking between 5 and 8€ per box, is that reasonable ? They also have one 41210 window kit for 5€ ; has anyone worked with these ? I doubt I'd find a matching one any time soon (if ever!), so I'm not sure whether to buy it or not... Is it pretty enough to be used as a standalone in a roombox ? Or could matching ones be made from foamcore/cardboard easily ? They also have some "HOM brass hardware" for 1€ per box ; the brass hinges (43103), brass door knob (43106), brass key plates (43105), brass door pull (43104), and some chippendale brass handles (43102 or 43101, not sure, the picture is kinda blurry). Once again, are those prices fair ? I thought about getting a box or two of hinges (always useful), and maybe the door knobs (would make fancy furniture feet if they don't end up on doors). Do you think I should pick a box or two of chippendale handles as well ? Just in case I ever come across some more HOM stuff in need of repair ?
  10. ...Is it me or none of the houses have windows or doors ??? Those bare openings on the wall are really bugging me...
  11. Oh ! Now that you've said it it sounds obvious, but I never thought about it ! And it'd be easy to get a great, cute result by painting the furniture in bright, or pastel colors, and adding a couple "colored pencils accidents" to it... I have a wonky dressing table ( six legs, none of which are the same length...) that I'm tempted to try this on. More experimenting needed ! Thanks everyone ! It's food for thoughts. I guess in the end, what matters is trial and errors to get something that "looks good" to the eye, without being 100% accurate...
  12. I just wanted to say I really love your stone-work here. It looks superb !
  13. I'm digging out this topic... I've realized my DIY kit roomboxes, while advertised as 1/24, were probably bigger than that. 1/18 or 1/16, maybe ? I know I've used some 1/12 accessories (cutlery, flower pot, a bucket) without "breaking scale". What I'd like to know, is if there are some finishing tips to be used on furniture to play with "scale feeling" ? Sorry if it's not clear, what I mean is for example : would painting a 1/24 chair in lighter colors makes it look bigger ? Or using smaller/less shiny handles on 1/12 furniture to makes it look smaller ? I think some of the real life tips like using mirrors to makes rooms appear bigger works in mini, but I've never heard about what could be done on furniture itself. Maybe this could also help for items on the smaller or bigger end of the same scale. Any suggestions ?
  14. Thank you everyone ! Muriel, unfortunately I don't know anyone coming by the US anytime soon... especially given the current situation. If I can't find a "local" deal, I might nudge the Orchid as a potential Christmas gift to my family... 😄 Shannon, in fact I went to both of them before ! I'm rather lucky my town is about 2h per train from Paris, so before Covid I could spend a weekend doing museums or visiting my friends and stop by La boîte à Joujoux or Pain d'Épice before coming back. Last time I went, they had several more Roombox kits, but no "smallish" dollhouse on the shelves. Lovely but pricy big ones are on their online catalog, but they just don't grab my fancy. I've got many little things and furniture from then however! I will check those links ; I would prefer plywood too, because space is limited, and since I wont be living at my parents' for much longer, I would appreciate something easy to move/pack... Well, I'm only 22, plenty of times to get into those huuuge ones! I think I spotted a RGT on Ebay here, "Bostonian Mansion" ? It looked bigger than me ! Pretty big, and pretty price at 1.5 k€...
  15. Thank you for the warm welcome, Holly ! Home is where my parents are, which is currently in the north of France, Soissons, "la cité du Vase de Clovis". Meanwhile, I'm renting a place near Marseille, in the south of the country. I'm in my fifth, and last, year in engineering school, currently working in a society making voice coil motors. That sounds lovely ! Ever since discovering the Greenleaf brand some weeks ago, I tried looking for second hand listing on Ebay and our Craiglist equivalent, but all I see are the "Del Prado" (or another like it?) and some Lundby. I'm a bit confused, I must admit : I've seen some Lundby house listed at less than 40€... and some Lundby furniture over 150€ !
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