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  1. I went to Paris for another job interview today. Whew, nervous but proud ! Since I was there I passed by Pain d'Epices to pick a few things for my Brimbles ; but how it is that I go in looking for stairs banisters and leave with a mini cat, keys, a dinosaur skull and a beaker ???
  2. It's so small and cute ! I'm impressed with your skills !
  3. Today I had a great phone interview for a job, but the next one will be in person in another city and I have not driven in so long that I'm a bit worried... I guess I'll practice on a parking with an experienced friend/family member on sunday.
  4. I did as you both said and got started on the Brimbles ; first because I already have an idea for it, and secondly because it did look easier as a first build. I don't regret it ! Very little sanding to do, and the pieces are big enough for me not to lose them... Speaking of it, I didn't expect it to be so big ! I now have even more respect for people who tackles monsters like the Garfield... I got done with my 1st dry-fit today ! Most of it went together super easily, barely any sanding required on tabs. So fun ! ....Except for those stairs. I think I'll have nightmares of those stairs for weeks. In the end I gave up and dry-fitted the stairs outside of the house, and then only put the big pieces in. I'm not looking forward to doing it again. Is there a Brimbles building blog ? I feel like I got my roof building steps mixed. Or maybe there is a trick, 'cause half of the dormers rooftop fell when I tried pushing the main roof down... I think I either need to plan some LED lights or to add a window, because the back looks pretty dark. Too dark for a library ! I'm also going to cut a door under the stairs to make WC. Or just a mop closet? I'll see what fits. And now I need to start thinking about interior decoration : A comfy reading area ? A kid section ? Some libre-service computers ? So many possibilities
  5. _Roxy_

    My Brimbles

    Photos of my 1st dollhouse, a Greenleaf Brimbles I plan to make into a library
  6. So small and cute ! It looks amazing !
  7. The houses are here !!! Good thing my father was with me to pick the package, because it was half as big as me, and as heavy, lol ! As I I expected, the full scale Brimbles came with an half-scale Fairfield. The difference in wood is staggering ; the laser-cut Brimbles pieces were pretty much falling out of the sheets as I lifted them, but the Fairfield is rougher and more brittle ! There is very little bending, though, so that's great ! Aaand best news is that both kits are 99% complete : all I'm missing are the Fairfield's shingles ! Now I have to clean up a table to set a proper working space, and start dry-fitting... Maybe I'll bash them ? The Fairfield is adorable but a little small for my dolls, maybe I can make the walls slightly taller ? I think I want to make a public library out of the Brimbles... So many ideas already !
  8. Behold, if everything is here, it's not one but TWO kits I'm getting ! The one I bought and wanted is a laser-cut Brimbles, and the other he's giving me for free because he needs to make space since he's moving. I think the 2nd one may be a half-scale Fairfield, but that box was more damaged so I'm not too sure. Guess it'll be a surprise ! And just in time for my birthday ~
  9. I'm so excited !!! After months of careful combing through second-hand market websites and ebay deals, I finally found a local seller for a Greenleaf kit ! Good karma must be a real thing because it's the only one I could find, and no-one had snatched it despite the listing being up for a while already ! The box is said to be open but not missing any component, which I hope for, and the seller sounded like a good, serious person, and the few pictures he sent me made it look like at least most sheets were there. If not, well, I guess it'll be "bashing-with-foamcore-time" : I won't be disappointed anyway given the price I paid, and the fact that I doubt I'd have ever found that kit on this side of the Atlantic otherwise... It's my first dollhouse and the package should be here by next week ; I'm practically vibrating when thinking about it, hehe !
  10. Welcome to the forum ! I'd love to see your houses ; 1/6 sounds big !
  11. The picture is slightly blurry, but I would say the right upper soldered point is the best. In general, you need to have a "round drop" shape flattened at the bottom, and shiny. Or a little cone is good too. If its dull it may be a "cold" solder and not make proper electrical contact. The solder point on the blue line, 2nd from the left, looks like a lot of little splatters of solder, and that may pose problems too. I think you may need to keep your soldering iron on the point for longer ? You should just bring in the solder to the point where the wire and tape meet, and it melt immediately on it. Practice a lot, that's the only way to get better ! To prepare the wire, you twist the strands together, and you melt a little solder on it to "coat" the end. That way you have to bring less additional solder when you attach the wire to the tape, and it's easier to make the solder point. I don't know how to prepare the tape, sorry I can't help on that !
  12. An addition to this : of course, the wood should be sealed afterward to keep as is. But also, if you want to paint on top of it... Don't use light colors. It can bleed out through 6 layers of white acrylic paint and still be very, very visible, and the only way to get rid of it is to scrap the paint off and then sand the wood and maybe use a q-tip of acetone to srub off all markers traces. Don't ask me how I know this...
  13. _Roxy_


    Whoah, the amount of details ! And those roof tiles ! Amazing craftmanship !
  14. _Roxy_

    Making mini stuff

    For mini furniture, accessories, and whatever I can create !
  15. I love that wallpaper, and the colors you used in general ! And that ceiling looks very interesting !
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