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  1. Trying to learn navigation here. I had a better post in the proper place but it wasn't accepting it at that time.
  2. @havanaholly@Mid-life madness @QubanqteeThanks! Happy to be here. I'll post front and back pics of my Walmer San Franciscan soon. It is the one @Mid-life madness and @Qubanqtee
  3. Thank you! I'm happy to be here. Stella is now 4. I adopted her 2 years ago. She's a kitty. 😺
  4. Thank you! There's such a knowledge and love for miniatures here.
  5. I have the San Franciscan by Walmer. Sorry. I didn't know which San Franciscan since it mentions both. This is my very first miniature house rehab and also my very first anything miniature.
  6. Just want to introduce myself. I love miniatures. I'm ready to focus on the hobby. I haven't built anything yet. I did buy a Walmer San Franciscan that was assembled but wasn't finished and needs help. It's been in storage by the family of the original purchaser.
  7. Is the San Franciscan mentioned in this topic the Walmer or the Dura Craft? I recently bought a Walmer San Franciscan and I can't find any info about it. I'll need to take it apart to clean and finish the interior. Also change the exterior colors and sand where this wasn't done prior to being assembled by the original purchaser. I'd upload a pic or two but I'm a newbie and my pics are too large. And advice is appreciated!
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