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  1. abbie001


    I'm absolutely loving it! im in halls but being at a tiny uni that consists of living in a cottage with 4 other girls and 2 goldfish which is pretty cool really! x
  2. abbie001


    Heya guys! right i haven't been online for aggges (or it feels like ages anyway). I started uni a fortnight ago and everything has just been completly manic! Before i left i'd done some work on the house that i got for my birthday, i'm going home on thursday for my cousins wedding so i shall try and get some photos to put on webshots. We've just come to the end of freshers fortnight so its all been go, go, go here. Im at uni in a little village which is actually really nice even if it is a bit quiet at times. My course (primary teaching) is already really interesting and i'm loving life a
  3. ok maybe im behind the times lol I listen to records all the time! We still have all the records from my step dad and mums collection and they used to buy me and my brother kids records with nursery rhymes and storys and things on when we were little which was the 90's. theres a great antiques shop near us that sometimes has records for sale and my friend got me a record of songs from musicals for my birthday now i just have to buy my own record player before i go to uni!
  4. Im with you Tako! I still use vinyl records... which may say more about my music taste than my skills. I can do waaay to many of the things on this list for a 90's kid. I think it was DOS computers that made me want to learn to read, so i could play all the old list of instruction games! I ahd my own typewriter as a kid and i thought i was cooool!
  5. Wow everyone has done so much! I'm only just begining, i finished 6th form a month ago (and got all the exams out the way a couple of weeks ago!) I am going to university after the summer to do teacher training, well thats the plan just have to pass all the exams! atm i have a saturday job waitressing and i babysit for 3 kids (who luckily all go to bed nice and early!) i volunteer in a local primary school with a year one class on a wednesday afternoon and am a young leader for rainbows (5-7 yr old girl guides). apart from that i spend my time travelling back and forth to London to see my d
  6. The pebble dash was already on it, it is quite literally pebbles just glued on! although atm the house look quite alot different :s I got it for my birthday from my brother who bought it at an antiques shop, when i went to look at it i noticed the wallpaper had mold growing up it so of course that had to all come off (which took blooming ages i point out think super glue may have been used!!) anyway then the little woode railing at the front fell off... then got left on my floor... and then stood on so that is currently in several hundred pieces and will have to be redone i think (and my foot
  7. Ok so not so new anymore i've had it for nearly a month but newest. Anyway heres the eycandy: hoping these don turn out tiny! i can't remember how to get them from webshots on here without doing them as thumbnails
  8. Thanks guys! I got my new dollshouse from my big bro!!!! fair bit of repair work needed (which naturally i started immediatly) and i took pictures with my new digital camera so here ya go:
  9. Don't know if anybody remembers but what seems like an exceedingly long time ago i put up a post about how i was part way through writing a story and i said i would repost when more was written. Well ive been writing bits and pieces here when i've had a bit of spare time so its quite a lot longer now so if you want to read it (or read the updated version) i can email it. Be great to get some opinions, I've still not allowed any of my friends to read it... in fact i've only told one of them about it and only in a passing comment :s. x
  10. Gosh i've never looked in to clothes's lines in such detail! We've had clothers lines in 5 outta the 6 places we've lived so i never really thought of it i guess. i was gonna suggest the clothes line pole thats what we have which in the winds of west yorkshire is mighty useful!!!! as for the winter-clothes-drying we always put ours out unless its tipping it down (which is a regular accurance here it does seem) and they always dry pretty good, although being a too-lazy-to-wait-for-clothes-to-dry teenager i am chained to the tumble dryer most evenings :o I have recently decided i do not like
  11. Well... a while ago i bought a 1970's "ready to use dollhouse wallpaper" book with some fab wallpaper in so im thinking some of that for inside (how i do love the technology of photocopiers!) and i think iwill just repaint the outside the same colour (cant quite remember what colour it was)... the paper shingles on the roof need a bit of a touch up too. Gosh i am planing this all in my head already! and in the same antiques shop there was a brilliant dresser which may look good (there goes all my wages). im thinking of an outside toilet (since theres no space inside anyway) so the old mounting
  12. i know! that roof is just tempting me to go look! its a big birthday too so lots to look forward too :jawdrop:
  13. i think the jumping up and down shouting "please buy it for my birthday, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" may have helped some what :s
  14. I had a whole hour and a half of 6th form this morning then me and my friend went into work for food and somehow i managed to fall asleep on the sofa for 2 hours!! when i finally woke up a friend came over and we went and had tea and scones at a cafe and generally girly gossiped and caught up :jawdrop: then spent all evening making my step grandads birthday card and doing coursework
  15. I have been gone for a while again! sorry guys revision and coursework is bogging me down somewhat! anyway... I was in the antiques shop in my town/village the other day and there were three dollshouses! but one of them really caught my eye it was a 40's/50's style bungalow and when you lift the roof up there are two rooms inside including a metal stove and flying ducks stuck to the wall! I'll tell you i nearly wooped for joy at finally finding something (and have obv. since been back to the shop so much the owners now recognise me) then i look at the price and don't ya know it it was onl
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