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  1. Thankyou all! I am printing it so the illustrations are visible when the book is opened and the text is there but not legible...lesson learned on taking the time to hunt this one down only to find I can’t get it small and readable at 2.5” it is readable, but that’s a pretty large book for the current scale I’m using 😂
  2. I love making little books with real pages, I usually leave the pages blank but “aged” or with a single image. Today I had the insane notion that I needed a book in French for my little library shelf I am slowly filling. I miniaturized a copy of the raven/le corbeau from 1875. This one is the one with Manet illustrations. I realize though that aside from the title page, you can’t tell the interior text is French. just curious about what the consensus is about little books...should they be authentic/readable or am I being obsessive...it is a short book so at 26 pages in, I’ll finish it, I just wondered if it is worth the time to do a specific interior for a non picture book
  3. This is amazing, I love it 😻
  4. Right now I am in Lexington but we lived in pawleys for over a decade and can’t wait to get back! My youngest has autism and the school programming was better here but I miss the beach! I do not believe there is a miniatures store here or at the npbeach; the state museum has some diorama pieces on rotation that are interesting though and their little shop occasionally has some interesting finds 😉
  5. Hi, thank you ! I am working on little portraits and art sets, some with a spooky twist I have a little hallway wall of them so far, though my youngest keeps stealing them for her barbie house 😉
  6. Our Michael’s has some but the scale is wildly inconsistent...one of the potatoes in one set was bigger than the table lamp in another cute stuff though
  7. I just joined and am excited to see so many amazing pictures and projects ;) I always have several ongoing, and don’t know anyone locally who is into dollhouses or miniatures ;) I am a mom, writer and designer and am currently fascinated by tiny things ;)
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