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  1. I like those curtains a lot! Ribbon was a great idea!
  2. Love those kitchen windows! AND the tree was a great idea 😉 Is the crocheted red-with-white-stripe the window dresing you mentioned? It looks so dainty. I am fairly new to crocheting. Does using a smaller thread and hook make it look like a 1:12 scale knit blanket/curtain?
  3. This is such a beautiful, quaint house to fix up, Muriel! and I know all too well abt 8 year old projects outstanding. My daughter will be 8 soon. We do crafts together quite often, but she is still learning what’s cute AND doable. So I have some things on the back burner still.
  4. Monah

    Attic Bunk Room

    Wow! Howd you do those valances? Sooo cool!
  5. Not sure if I am sharing an album correctly, but this is where I can view the photos of the other Lillbo (Lundby?) items I was curious about. https://forum.greenleafdollhouses.com/gallery/album/8636-lillbo-lundby-various-vintage-items/
  6. Monah

    Lillbo (Lundby?) Various vintage items

    Some photos of various dollhouse accessory and lighting kits my aunt wants to find out more about, and possibly sell off, as she can't do dollhouse renovations at this time.
  7. Oh fabulous! I was looking up some of their stuff and didn't realize they were Swedish as well. Thanks again!
  8. I'll wait to hear any input from the infamous Anna too
  9. I do have some used Lundy furniture items that were passed on to me too. Was Lillbo bought by Lundy?
  10. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with these 1:12 dollhouse miniature furniture items or the brand of Lillbo. They say made in Sweden. I can hardly find anything online or on ebay to compare them with. Looks like it will let me attach a small photo of the packaging for one of them (I don't have the authority to create albums here just yet :)) Some of the light fixtures say 4 volt. Other items are red polka dot lamp stands and ceiling fixtures. If anyone knows about or can help point me in the right direction to find old catalogs of closed down miniatures manufacturers, I'd much appreciate it. I hope to update this thread as I come across more info.
  11. Monah

    Bath Marble Floor

    Awesome floor!!
  12. Thanks, Havanaholly! I realized too late that I couldn’t post photos ...so thanks for the info too!
  13. I have the same Walmer/Wahlmer Old Towne with balcony. My aunt passed it on to my daughter last week. So much history; so much potential. Here’s a couple pictures. So far, I’ve only cleaned up the house and the furniture bits. (Didn’t take pix of the furniture yet, some are Tomy brand furniture too I noticed.) Previously, someone mentioned not having the pegs that hold the house together. I used Hard As Nails wood glue and narrow shavings off of a popcicle stick as the peg replacements. Had to make sure the house edges were in place correctly beforehand though. To hold any edges together, I weighted the top of the house with heavy books and used green painters tape (Frog tape) to hold things together overnight while it dried. The frog tape stuck well but didn’t hurt the surfaces when removed. And dowels would work great if you could find one narrow enough. The windows were a bit warped but still usable. I popped them out the rest of the way carefully and used my hot glue gun at the lowest heat setting to reapply them. Worked fine, but I like the idea of using the plastic that comes on most toy packages. I’ll do that if the kids damage these
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