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  1. Thank you, I did not know that but now at least I can try that and hope to find it on eBay again. I have still only found one place that has the dollhouse already assembled for $550. If I get desperate enough, I may look into that. I was really hoping to assemble it myself though because I feel that would mean more to me and what I am trying to recreate. I appreciate the help though! Guess it’s back to endless searching for me!
  2. Desperately trying to find a kit for the Addison model dollhouse from real good toys. I would even settle for an undecorated assembled version if that’s all I could find. Is there a place I am unaware of that made still sell them? I saw one on eBay a few months back and it was gone before I had the chance to purchase it. I am devastated and it is a huge deal for me to find one. My grandmother made me one before she passed when I was young, and my ex-stepfather left it behind when they sold their house and I would love nothing more than to recreate it for my own children because I do still have
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