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  1. Thanks! I stained them all and now I'm glad I get to actually see them in place.
  2. I love that ceiling paper. Where did you find it?
  3. I agree that painting both sides helps! The amount of warping my siding had after I painted one side completely freaked me out. But I did the other side too and it straightened out a LOT.
  4. I am! I've done a dry fit and I'm finishing up the ground floor flooring. Wallpaper/ceilings next!
  5. Not yet, but I’m sure I will get some soon
  6. Thanks all! I made Mr. Cayce help with the dry fit, so that massive tower didn't come tumbling down. Pics in my gallery! I'm really excited with how it came out! Also it's very very huge. I'll dry fit in the floors next and there's some porch work and trim painting/staining to catch up on. The instructions do tell how to do the lower floor hardwoods so I'll probably start there and then make some decisions about at least the kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  7. Thank you! I want pictures mostly to remind myself how intensive the process was!
  8. Wow! The floor looks amazing!!
  9. I'm almost ready to start dry fitting. Just have to glue a couple more porch things and then that will be the next step. I'm mildly terrified things are just going to come crashing around me. Any words of wisdom? I'm also mildly terrified about the amount of flooring and wallpaper decisions I'm about to have to make. My house has 13 rooms. The bottom floor comes with a wood flooring kit and I'll use that, but that still leaves a lot of decisions to make before I can actually glue this thing together.
  10. I did not enjoy the bay window process. But they came out okay.
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