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  1. The baseboards look excellent. I'm also planning to stain interior trim (window trim is already done!) so this gives me hope haha
  2. Legos are genius. We do have some of the chunky duplo ones and my toddler is too young to know I’m borrowing them haha
  3. Thank you very much for the tips. I’m going to have to look into the magnetic jig! Will be sure to stain first too.
  4. Ooh that is a great point, Kathie. I have already experienced this and I was definitely blobbing paint into little holes
  5. Is it this kit? I just bought it, never been opened. If you're still around the forum let me know and I can get you pictures of the instructions.
  6. Well your house has clapboard siding and wood trim around the windows, so I'd be inclined to go the wood roofing route for texture consistency... but it is ultimately up to you! I'm big on accuracy as well - I don't want to do something to my dollhouse that isn't done on real houses. Maybe you could do searches for homes with siding and slate roofs, to see what that looks like visually, or if it's "not done", etc etc. I painted my shingles before attaching them, then touched them up. I would try to get the overall base color on first, and then add any colored weathering and moss (I do lov
  7. I found a Realife miniatures country kitchen kit and a Greenleaf 30 piece furniture kit on facebook marketplace and picked them up today. They were new - still had plastic wrap on! I paid $60 total. Not completely sure if it's a good deal, but I figure at less than $2 per piece, it's definitely less than I'd pay to buy new. Has anyone put these kits together?
  8. This is going to sound crazy, and I've never done it so I can't guarantee how it would work... but could you "batch weather" them? Like put the cedar shingles in a big box with some sandpaper or other things to beat them up a little, and shake it all around? Then you would get some chips, etc. You could even splatter some paint in there and see how it mixes around and gets on the other shingles. I don't know... definitely feel free to ignore me since that would be pretty experimental.
  9. Bought some never opened kits on FB marketplace!
  10. Staining interior window trim
  11. Painting exterior window trim
  12. justincayce12


    The red is gorgeous!
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