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  1. Hello Friend; It is true that I have explained badly what I am looking for is the diagram or scheme of the pieces at 1:12 scale to be able to restore the house and the scheme as I said I do not know if it is complete and at that scale or then to the boxes that fit If you have to increase the scheme to 1:12 or the scheme or diagram please if someone can help me as I have a mental mess. A greeting and thanks for answering.
  2. Hello friends: I am new to the forum, I have a house that my grandfather made by plans la bellacon hill and he had asked for the plans of this house but the plans to suit him since a piece of wood fell on the house and split it and see if with his plans As I get something I make marquetry or openwork wood which is used through the hacksaw and I handle it since I was little now more since I have found some very good plans and I have begun to want to handle the saw again and well they are new as I have said I have to see that I had a plan for dollhouses and to make furniture and when I have time these days I will look for them and I will hang them up, he told me of a page to download the plans of the beacon hill house but the truth is that they come out halfway I don't know If they are complete at 1:12 or then each square that fits in the plan, for example the stairs, one square, the ceiling, another square, so I don't know if each square should be expanded to 1.:12, please, if someone can help me in the mess I have a lot of gr thank you.
  3. Hello friends, I mean that the plan is seen in pieces, I do not know if the plan is already at 1:12 or later I have it, I expand for each square that the plan has, one the staircase another wall, etc.
  4. Hola amigos, soy nuevo en el foro, me gusta construir casas de muñecas, sólo lo hice con la casa de una muñeca y como puse en el mensaje tenía una casa de muñecas, la colina de la baliza cayó un bosque y el roto, así que dijo si había planes originales del mismo tamaño para reconstruirlo así que no sé qué escala es la colina de la baliza y si alguien me informa antes de una niña me indica un página lo que no sé si son así como está en el medio es por eso que digo si no están completos y en la misma escala que es la duda por favor si alguien puede ayudarme. Saludos y gracias.
  5. Hi friend: I had the beacon hill house that my grandparents had built, a beam fell on it and destroyed part of it, so I wanted the diagrams to the original size of the house to see where I have to restore I restore furniture and build a friend's house But let's see how I manage since my grandparents mounted it, I have a lot of affection for it and to see if from the plans I can correct it, almost half of it has broken I would send you a photo but where I have the house is in another house and with the coronavirus not Please let us out of the community if anyone has the life size schematics I would really appreciate it as it is like a family heirloom. Greetings to all, I'm new to the forum
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