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  1. @fov, I have been eying those 1:24 Houseworks kits with no instructions on eBay for the past week, trying to decide if I wanted to try figuring one out! (Also, how large a stash do I plan to accumulate?!) So if I do, I might take you up on your offer to scan your copy of the instructions.
  2. Thanks, Holly! I already figured out an addition to put on—my partly finished Adams! I will just need to get over being intimidated by power tools so I can cut a connecting door. Baby steps.
  3. Small world! I’ve spent short periods of time living in Northern California when my dad was in the Navy—twice on Mare Island and once in San Leandro. Yeah, miniatures shops are nearly as rare as local yarn stores these days. It’s hard to compete with the internet. EarthnTree in Amherst NH is the closest to me. It’s not far away from where my daughter lives, though (Goffstown), so—ROAD TRIP!! when we get released from COVID restrictions...
  4. Greetings and salutations—as indicated, I live in Massachusetts, about 40 miles northwest as the crow flies from Boston. Remember the line in “Paul Revere’’s Ride” about riding to “spread the alarm/ To every Middlesex village and farm/ For the country folk to be up and to arm?” My town is one of the villages he didn’t reach, because of being captured by the British between Lexington and Concord. I came to miniatures and dollhouses by way of collecting small dolls and their assorted accessories and belongings. I have worked on a couple of roomboxes and a very small dollhouse (the Adams), b
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