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  1. Exactly Ladies!!! Mini addiction. I actually bought another house yesterday morning for a commercial property (Soda Fountain/Sweet Shop) that I decided I needed to build also. I always wanted a real one in life but just too much overhead so now I can still have it. LOL This house is a smaller 3 Story and paid only $2.50 How do you pass that up? My husband is going to start having the same feeling that @Mid-life madness expressed -- "making money from my hobby". I have NO intention of selling these
  2. Thanks so much everyone who has commented / contributed ! It is so nice to connect with other people with a common interest
  3. Thank you Carrie, Yes, the wood is rough which I expected. It is more the craftsmanship of the glue job and the lining up of the wood pieces that is really rough. I have now determined that some of this was done with "hot glue" and some with what looks like Elmers. I think I may attempt to dismantle the porch entirely as most of it is loose anyway. Thanks for the tip on sanding between coats as I was not aware of that. Thanks so much for responding and sharing. And... it was my pleasure to share the pics. Believe it or not I paid only $10.00 for this house and some broken wood furniture. I know I can fix it all. It will just take time. My husband thinks I am crazy and is not sure it was worth the 10. LOL
  4. Thanks Havanaholly - I never thought that it might be hot glue, but now that you say that... it does feel somewhat rubbery. I will attempt to cut with a razor and see if I can figure out what it is. Hot glue does make sense as it looks terrible and very un-smooth. Thanks for the idea and how to!
  5. Thank you Amanda. I was thinking sanding was going to be a big but necessary job. I do think there are blasters on the exterior that should just come off and be rebuilt with new wood - do you think that is ideal or should I retain the original wood as much as I can?
  6. I am absolutely IN LOVE with your BB SWEETS!!!! Question - did you make all of your sweet treats or did you buy them?
  7. Hi Everyone, I am looking for a little assist. I have always loved miniatures and wanted a doll house. I ran across this "not so beautiful - not so Painted Lady" and just had to have her! This will be my first project and from what I can tell --- maybe I should have started from scratch? But... was hoping someone out there might have a few pointers on where to begin. Up close, she looks like a real 200 year old home that has been in disrepair for a LONG TIME or repaired by a "non-master-craftsman". Any advise on where to start with the reno is appreciated.
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