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  1. 1. What is the name of that sticky tacky gummy stuff used to stick things down, up, around??? I need to order some. 2. If I connect a flickering fireplace to my electrical will it make the whole works pulse like my old tape wired house?? This time I'm hard wiring using a power strip. Many Thanks and I hope I don't annoy anyone asking these dumb questions HERE!!!
  2. I'm wondering about sealing wallpaper/flooring that was printed on card stock. Is there a spray on sealant or should I varnish??? Thanks Billie
  3. THANK YOU all for your informative and very helpful responses. I have been shopping :-))))))))))) Billie
  4. New Here and I have a Lot of questions!! What is the difference between 1/144 and 1/2"??? Where do I buy that white power strip for a half scale house- what size??? Is that my question even??? :-)))) If YOU were doing a Fairfield would you do tape or round wire?? Best place to buy 1/2" furniture???
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