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  1. Sorry if I'm a bit touchy. But after years of trying to give it away and advertise it, and only getting floods of people telling me what to do. (Not just here) I am totally fed up with it. If anyone wants it they can have it. And they can have the boxes of small stuff too.
  2. Just to be clear - I'm not looking for suggestions about where to advertise it. I have already advertised it elsewhere. I'm not looking for anyone to tell me to offer it relatives. I've been doing that for years. If you're interested in having the dollhouse by all means contact me. If you have more suggestions please keep them to yourself.
  3. Already did that too, and got no response at all. The price? I thought the rules said we weren't supposed to discuss that ??? With the price of the kit, all the wiring, the lights, and all the small items I'm sure I spent $1,000 or more. But I know all too well that spending that much doesn't make it worth that much. Getting a bunch of money out of it isn't my goal. I just want it in the hands of someone who will appreciate it like my Mom did.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. The dollhouse has been on FB marketplace for some 2 months now, and no one has expressed any interest whatsoever.
  5. Guys, I appreciate your concern about the email. But that's a "burner" email that already gets tons of spam. I don't rely on it for personal email. If someone send me a message there I just copy their email address to my regular email and take it from there. So I'm gonna leave it as is.
  6. One last shot that shows the chimney, shingles, and some of the dust.
  7. And the kitchen. As mentioned in the OP, all the small stuff goes with the dollhouse.
  8. Here's a shot of the back, with some of the furniture in it.
  9. I built this dollhouse for my Mother starting back in 1989. She is gone now, and no one in the family is interested in it. A wiring kit and many lights were installed. All lights go with the house. I believe they all work. Over the years some wallpaper and flooring were installed in several of the rooms. Some of it is not in great shape and you might want to replace it. There is a ton of furniture and small items, some of which you see in the pictures. It all goes with the dollhouse. The chimneys were done with "real" bricks and mortar. The roof was done with individual shi
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