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  1. Being from Canada, I unfortunately can understand the pricing, sadly. Some of those houses are made with MDF, which when shipping would be a ridiculously high price because of their weight. Our flat rate shipping boxes aren't nearly as comparable as their US counterparts. I am currently in the process of shipping a TIN dollhouse from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. It weighs absolutely nothing, but is almost a hundred dollars just for shipping alone, no insurance or anything. The Little Dollhouse Company has "free" shipping over $100 anywhere in US and Canada, and the house prices include bro
  2. Northern Alberta can't be much of a hot spot for miniatures? And Covid can't help too much! I know it's difficult in Halifax...can't meet anyone or anything!
  3. Could you tell me how you did the newel light? It's a detail I have told everyone I want for my Painted Lady...they thought I was nuts, LOVE that I see one here!
  4. harmonbooks

    Bay window

    I assume you just paste the medalion on top of the finished floor then multiple coats of clear finish?
  5. I have a Willowcrest that I am making into a Painted Lady. Weeks after I decided the style, I found How To Make Your Own Painted Lady at Value Village, and promptly ordered Painted Ladies Revisited! For anyone interested, there are now a series of videos online by the Victorian Historical society in San Francisco about the houses.
  6. Thank you! I am living vicariously through the rooms I create! What I can't afford in real life I can have in mini!
  7. Hi, Erin, has this been taken?
  8. I have an unbelievable amount of books, both dollhouse and just decorating related. I had decided my Willowcrest would be a Painted Lady, and about a month later I found a book about making your own Painted Lady at Value Village...I couldn't believe the serendipity! I also have an awesome book about Victorian gas lighting...love my books! I HAVE been on Kris's site. so many great tutorials. I also really like Bentley House Miniatures on Youtube, Ara is great! Along with the Painted Lady, I want to do a scratch build of the Willow Tea Room in Glasgow, and there is an incredible chandelier to re
  9. The kitchen sink is two separate units of the same thing. I bashed the sink off the one unit to join with the other to balance the counter on both sides, then did the paint job to make it match the AGA. Also took off the shiny gold taps and painted them chrome, then coated the sink with nail polish to give it a more porcelain look. The dish rack is tongue depresser craft sticks and toothpicks, the open shelving is made from dollar store plain wood garden trellis.
  10. I had a little fridge magnet for years, 25 cents at a yardsale, that was a miniature cabinet filled with things. One thing in the cupboard was the tiny ceramic match holder. I was bound and determined to use it somehow, if I could just get it out without breaking it...took a bit, but I did it! Matches are cut down toothpicks with red marker. I made the whisk and utensil holder. Other utensils are just a cheap plastic grey set that came with the grey plastic pots from China...less than a dollar. I aged them and made them look like Kitchen Aid.
  11. Thanks, amoyle! Looking at it after the fact, there's things I would do different, but overall, I am quite pleased.
  12. Thank you, everyone. I have always loved the idea of miniature houses, and love decorating, and detail. My husband, when he saw the finished house, said it looked like a hoarder lived there, lol...I just think it looks lived in! I think what I really enjoy is all the DIFFERENT things you do when creating...when you knit, you KNIT, but when you have a dollhouse, there's building, painting, decorating, creating in SO MANY different aspects! And I would have taught Grace to enjoy it as well! The picture above the bed reminds me of her, and the age she would be about now, and another of the painti
  13. I made a fair bit of it...the food, the packaging, the bedding, shower, the artwork, books and magazines, placemats, Xmas cards and garland, all the flooring, sofa. Pretty much anything paper, I can find images for and manipulate in Word. The pressed tin ceiling is a drawer liner painted gold from Dollarama, I did the shower stall. The dish shelves are just coffee stir sticks, the other kitchen shelves are dollar store wood garden trellis, I figured it would be cheaper than hobby store wood. And the thatch roof is actually a bathroom towel! The fridge is two dollar store wood trinket boxes pu
  14. Yes, I did make the shower. The tile is an image copied off the internet, mounted on cardboard. The "glass" is a plastic cookie package from the bakery department that I thought looked like decorative shower glass.
  15. I finally sorted out the photos, got them uploaded, mostly...seems to be missing a couple that must have been oversized. And I deleted the other empty ones.
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