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  1. Here's an Artply Highland in western PA. Fairly cheap. The seller is threatening to cut it up into room boxes of noone buys it. Please someone snatch it up! https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/849130942479266/?sfnsn=mo
  2. I agree that mini hinges are evil!! Worst part of the whole process for me. Thanks for the idea and link to fabric hinges.
  3. That's great- thanks!
  4. So far so good on that front. Hoping he doesn't destroy any of my houses!
  5. Hi all, What do you use for faux grass or dirt? Something that isn't messy or leaves little bits around that a puppy would snarfle up. (We just got a little one.) I've used sample squares/pieces of indoor/outdoor carpeting from Lowes, but looking for other options. Thanks!
  6. I'm so happy that you're so happy! It's a great feeling getting a new house. Have fun!
  7. I'm dying for this little shop/house. But it's a bit far from me and a bit too expensive. But maybe someone else can scoop it up. I think it's an old Walmer? Maybe? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3935980573102615/
  8. I haven't made those kits, so don't have any advice. Other than keep the ones that still speak to you and make you happy! It's good to be realistic and let go of the ones that you know you won't do. Good luck!
  9. Oh, I'm so glad! And now I can stop thinking about it! Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  10. Here's a reasonably priced Emerson Row. I really want it, but I can get another one right now. So someone here should snap it up! https://www.etsy.com/listing/976572431/greenleaf-emerson-row?ref=user_profile
  11. She's gorgeous! I love renovations, and would start with stripping it all down as much as you can, taking off everything you don't want or need. Peel off wallpaper and sand the floors, etc, and then build it back up how you like. Fun project!
  12. Yeah, I've been reading really old posts from mid-00s. Very fun! A lot of the links and pictures don't work, but I love the threads congratulating each other on getting a new house. Or comparing some of the prices back then to now. It's great. I will definitely start new threads when I have questions! Thank you!
  13. I've just been cruising the site and reading old threads and realized what an amazing group/forum this truly is. But also the wealth of information and knowledge from so many years of discussion is mind-blowing. As a newbie, whenever I have a question, I come to this site first to search for answers. So thank you to all the folks here asking and answering questions and sharing the mini love. The kindness and camaraderie is wonderful in a time of such uncertainty and hardship.
  14. My vote may skew the results as I only started this hobby last October. I've been spending a bunch cuz I'm new to it!
  15. I love the copper! It's gorgeous. At some point I want to try that on one of mine.
  16. I have the huge benefit of having a husband who runs his own construction company. So whatever I want, he can make, or show me how. But I'm also in the smoke and mirrors camp. Real wood floor is cool, but iron on veneer is just as great, as is a sheet of faux wood vinyl flooring (1$ at Lowe's) cut into strips. But I've also been known to use funky polka dot craft paper for flooring. So I think it just depends on your aesthetic and budget. Whatever makes you happiest!
  17. It's adorable! Great work!
  18. A 10$ San Franciscan near Philly! Someone grab it quick! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1365835603752143/
  19. Aha! I didn't know that one. But I searched and I think you're right. Thank you!
  20. I cannot figure out what this house is. Any ideas? Sorry for the bad picture, I can't seem to get pix to resize and upload to this site.
  21. I'm new to minis and dollhouse building as well. But I would say that the sky's the limit! You can do anything you want, and even if you make a wrong cut, you can glue it back together. There really is no wrong way to go about something in a Dollhouse. That's what I love about it. So my newbie advice is to do whatever makes you happy with it!
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