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  1. I have the huge benefit of having a husband who runs his own construction company. So whatever I want, he can make, or show me how. But I'm also in the smoke and mirrors camp. Real wood floor is cool, but iron on veneer is just as great, as is a sheet of faux wood vinyl flooring (1$ at Lowe's) cut into strips. But I've also been known to use funky polka dot craft paper for flooring. So I think it just depends on your aesthetic and budget. Whatever makes you happiest!
  2. It's adorable! Great work!
  3. A 10$ San Franciscan near Philly! Someone grab it quick! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1365835603752143/
  4. Aha! I didn't know that one. But I searched and I think you're right. Thank you!
  5. I cannot figure out what this house is. Any ideas? Sorry for the bad picture, I can't seem to get pix to resize and upload to this site.
  6. I'm new to minis and dollhouse building as well. But I would say that the sky's the limit! You can do anything you want, and even if you make a wrong cut, you can glue it back together. There really is no wrong way to go about something in a Dollhouse. That's what I love about it. So my newbie advice is to do whatever makes you happy with it!
  7. I like all parts of working on Dollhouses, but definitely prefer the building and renovating more!
  8. I don't know about Greenleaf stocking issues, but I sure like the Willowcrest. I have seen a couple go by on FB marketplace. But not many. If you're patient you might find one that way. Good luck!
  9. It's just gorgeous. And I'm so grateful I found it. I knew folks here would appreciate my excitement! Thanks!
  10. I've been searching and found a few already constructed Highlands far from where I live. But then I came across one still in the box from Goodwill online and bid on it and won! It arrived today and I'm over the moon! I love it so.
  11. If you're not on social media, then a blog is the way to go. And you can direct family and friends and fans there. Give Blogger a try. I've used it for years and it is super easy and intuitive to use. Also easy to upload pictures. Good luck!
  12. AmandaJC

    Log Cabin

    As soon as I saw this house it called to me. I bought it with plans to make it into a log cabin, and so far, so good. With some research, I think it's a Craft Patterns Cape Cod by A Neely Hall. Whoever built it did a decent job, and made a few changes from the original plans, and I plan to make a lot more!
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