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  1. Hi everyone I got sidetracked in my search for windows and doors for my Dura Craft San Franciscan 555. I am still hoping someone has and open box laying around with their stash. Lol.
  2. No I haven’t found what I need. According to the San Franciscan booklet the doors are 6 1/8 in Height and the windows are 6 1/4 thank uou Diane
  3. Thank you Amanda . I know I lucked out .
  4. Nice! What type of wood do you recommend? I was at HL last week and saw packages of balsam wood but that would be way to thin I took these pictures of the house. I’m going to paint it white. I paid $40 for it , I paid $400 for my first house assembled and bare. I spend the weekend stripping green indoor outdoor carpeting off the floors and stained wallpaper off the walls I couldn’t figure out if this was a dollhouse or a decorative piece, it was so different from my other dollhouse. After reading about her on this site and researching for parts I’m loving her much more
  5. Sorry if I’m being repetitive but different forums seem to have threads about what I am looking for I need windows and doors for this sf dura craft house I acquired through offer up. I’m willing to pay for them Thank you
  6. Offer Up has many doll houses for sale. I am in WPB and I am going to Lake Worth to buy one. There are quite a few on there in Port St Lucie and Boca Raton.
  7. Thank you Holly. I have been reading past threads tonight . I have the sf555 Do you know of any tutorial videos on making the doors and windows ?
  8. Hello I bought a Duracraft San Franciscan at a yard sale I need replacement parts doors, windows and the oval window
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