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  1. Definitely thinking that doing my own is going to be the way to go on this one. Wish me luck...not exactly the handiest girl around, haha.
  2. I've got the utility knife, corkbacked ruler and a mat...but up until the other day I honestly don't think I'd ever heard of basswood! A friend of mine that that does phenomenal dollhouse flips mentioned she made a door out of basswood and I made a mental note to check out what that was. See, told ya - newbie. Lol
  3. Hi! I've wanted to rehab a dollhouse for years...and about 2 months ago I found a beautiful gem for $20 on Facebook and I don't think I've ever bought anything quicker. Anyway, I've started the renovations, but I'm stuck as to the windows and doors. A couple of windows are missing, and the front door is gone. The windows and French doors that are there have discolored acetate. So, I'd love to put new winows and doors in altogether...but how? Some quick Googling has lead to me believe this is a risky move and very, very hard. Please tell me Google is wrong??? Help. (Tried to insert picture of
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