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  1. Glad to hear this! I thought it was only me. First time builder here. I have a question--someone in one of the many miniature facebook groups I joined mentioned that Greenleaf makes laser cut dollhouses too!!! Is that accurate? I'm browsing the site and see no mention of them or that process of cutting them out!
  2. I understand what you're saying. It's just so darn frustrating. I actually looked back at photos of the dollhouses I built for my daughter's 30 years ago and they were also Greenleaf. You would think by now, all these years later. . . .
  3. I guess that makes sense Holly! Oddly, I had purchased a similar kit nearly 30 years ago with the same issue. I was building two of them for my daughters. I would have thought they would come up with a better type wood by now. I guess I will just be using a lot of glue and wood filler for the detail pieces on the Orchid!
  4. Thank you KathieB. I thought because there is an issue with kits, that other's seem to be having in a few groups I belong to, that this would be the place to vent. Sorry If I overstepped a boundary. I will contact them. Thank you again
  5. I would think with the cost of these houses that delaminating and cracking would not be a problem. It's very frustrating. I did some research after cutting the first piece with a brand new utility blade that literally cracked in pieces and delaminated. It was suggested that I prime the sheets first and even that didn't help. It's very frustrating, time consuming and discouraging. Why do you use such cheap material for those pieces. I don't get it. It's one or two sheets of material. Surely it wouldn't cost a fortune to fix this problem ! I'm at the point where I am actually considering trashing the entire project. This is not what I expected when I purchased this kit. I did purchase a smaller kit and I am wondering if they are all of this quality or if you are just penalized with crappy materials when you purchase a less expensive kit, which would be very disappointing. I don't know that I will be purchasing a Greenleaf in the future.
  6. Karenp

    The Orchid

    Is there somewhere there are photos or videos of how you did all of these different techniques. I just purchased this house and I love the stonework and textured walls. Assembly tips would be helpful too. Its gorgeous!
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