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  1. magnolia


    Hello, we are building the same dollhouse right now. I think your floor looks great and I was wondering how did you make it so shiny? I'm at the window trim stage right now and I just want to give up. Thanks, Magnolia
  2. Hi, I also have garfield which I haven't started it yet coz right now I don't know where to begin and I'm very inpatient person I want to ask your opinion on painting. Did you have to do the sealing the wood first before you paint them? Could I just paint them without doing the sealing? I just want to start building my dollhouse and I don't know if I really have to that. Thank you! Oh and your dollhouse it's coming together very nice. Magnolia
  3. magnolia

    The Jefferson

    oh my gosh...it's very nice! Not just nice it's awesome
  4. wow that's awesome...how did you do the bricks wall?
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