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  1. Thanks, but I have emailed them 3 times since Dec 25. I received a response immediately from Mary after my first email. I verified my email address so she could send me a PayPal invoice to receive a copy of the instructions...but haven't heard anything since. I understand things are weird right now due to COVID, but it's been a month now. Voicemail box is always full so I can't leave a message either. =(
  2. Does anyone have the instructions for the Van Buren dollhouse that they would be willing to share? Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks! Just so excited to get started!
  4. Good morning, I'm trying to get the instructions for the Van Buren Dollhouse. I had some correspondence with customer service at Greenleaf, but now haven't received a reply in 7 days. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Saskia
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Fortunately, the house is very structurally sound. Only the doors are loose. I feel like I already have a million ideas in my head! Gearing up for the challenge!
  6. Hello everyone! Glad I found this place! I just scored a FREE Van Buren from Facebook Marketplace. I've always wanted to restore a dollhouse so this is my first time! I have no experience so I'm totally winging it. So, it seems from some research, that it's a kit from 1979. It is already assembled, but literally a little rough around the edges. Were the pieces supposed to be sanded or prepped before assembly? I see splinters in my future! Ouch! The parts that have been painted are the front and side panels, widow's walk, window and door trims and chimneys. I'm wondering if I'm going
  7. MiniJuice

    Van Buren Renovation

    Greenleaf Van Buren dollhouse #8005 from 1979. My FIRST attempt ever at renovating an old dollhouse. Wish me luck!
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