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  1. I wanted to ask what y'all do for the bathroom and bedroom on the second floor with the crazy walls, they don't go straight up they're slanted.... I want to put trim I got the wallpaper up overlapping this land but how do you all make it to put trim??

  2. I've decided to cut up the wood that I laid down by the stairs to the front door and lay another piece down that's correctly measured and put strip of wood over to part where they meet if I don't like the meet up, I'll sand it and stain all of the floors this way I don't have to worry about maricopa filler and stain... wish me luck!

  3. 7 hours ago, Medieval said:

    This is fixable. You have a some choices. One, take off the the flooring and start over. Probably the most difficult and most expensive. Two, make sure you get stainable wood putty. Smooth it all out, score in floorboard lines. Restain. Three, put another floor surface on over this one. Four, paint the floor. Paint will cover stain and you can get wood like colors. 

    Don't worry about getting flush with edges that go up against the wall or staircase. A good baseboard will cover that up. So get close but not too close. I always start at the edge that will be wall-less.

    It will be okay. You just got newbie jitters. I would go into panic mode at first too. Now, I stop and try to think what I'm going to do to fix it. I think you will find doing the 2nd floor less harrowing!

    What's the best stainable putty? I feel like if started over it will still have the meet up spots in the front... Thanks for the advice!!

  4. So I started off with the wood floors from hobby lobby and I put the floors down and then I cut out the stairs but I messed up on cutting out the stairs so I put little squares you can see in the picture, and I added the other wood slats and I didn't like how it all met up so I tried to put wood filler in there but it's none stainable wood filler so when I tried to stain it it wouldn't stain. Then I tried a pen that was Walnut colored but it ended up being too dark. It's was a minwax wood finish stain marker but it was way too dark so then there was darker lines on the floor which made it look cool like worn wood but I didn't want that because it was only in a couple spots so then it looked kind of rotten. So then I tried a Rust-Oleum would repair fill stick that was the same color as the floor but then it wasn't sticking to the spots that I needed it to stay on so I just decided to sand the entire thing down.... now I'm thinking I might have sanded it too much because there's going to be light and dark spots, so please let me know what you guys think I should do. I know if I sanded down now it won't look like tiny wood slats but I was thinking I can just get it to look like that again with a ruler and a razor.... I don't know the stairs really got me discouraged with all the extra patches I don't think I should have used these wood sheets and think maybe I should have cut them up and placed them like they do the popsicle sticks.....I don't know give me some tips please thanks everyone.........

  5. 22 minutes ago, Medieval said:

    Let me know if you need help. You probably will need to shrink your photos for posting. Use the free online tool at https://picresize.com/ to get your photos small enough. It's easy enough I can do it, so that means everyone can do it. But if you have questions, just ask. ; - )

    Ty I do need to shrink them

  6. 27 minutes ago, Medieval said:

    Pictures would be helpful. You have enough posts to create an album of your progress. That way we can see and maybe offer suggestions. The stain you use depends on the house and it's style that  you are building.  Also, if you used popsicle sticks, not all of them are perfectly straight. I fill in the gaps with wood putty and score a slight groove (otherwise the floor would loose it's floorboard effect) sand well and then stain. So without any pictures it is hard to say.

    Ty I will try to make an album!

  7. 1 hour ago, Medieval said:

    Bring the flooring out to under the doors or place a transition strip across the doorway under the doors or put flooring on the porch too. I'm thinking to put floorboards on my porch or stone. I haven't decided yet.

    Thank you, I've decided to put flooring on the porch too!

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  8. 54 minutes ago, Medieval said:

    I would sand the bottom of the doors, dryfitting to check for clearance. You could sand with a Dremel tool if you have one, but carefully. I practiced on the punchouts from my windows before I did the doors. It helps to have a vice, I learned.

    Will that make the doors look short on the outside? I was thinking about doing that too but wasn't sure how the doors would look.

  9. You're right I'm not going to order any shingles until I'm ready to work on the roof I'm just jumping the gun I think.

    Also I'm on step C the windows and trim and should I not do the windows yet since I'm trying to decorate as I go right now my foundation and stairs are built and I have wood flooring to lay down and my kitchen flooring to go, should I put the walls up and then the flooring and just wait on the windows, I was about to take out all the trim and prime them but that's a lot of trim to keep track of and I don't know if I should just wait to do that. Thanks for all the advice but I'm calling it a night tonight lol this is my first dollhouse and I'm trying to do it right thanks everyone!

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