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  1. I wanted to ask what y'all do for the bathroom and bedroom on the second floor with the crazy walls, they don't go straight up they're slanted.... I want to put trim I got the wallpaper up overlapping this land but how do you all make it to put trim??
  2. I would make the panels first with the trim then glue it to the walls.
  3. Yes I did, thank you, beechwood from hobby lobby and the flat Craft sticks.
  4. Thank you, I got it from Etsy, this is the kitchen!
  5. Hers to floor without the trim.
  6. My new floors, do you think it looks ok with the trim on the floor I didn't like the meet up?
  7. Here's my kitchen, I made the panels out of beechwood.
  8. Brittney


  9. I was thinking of using cork board for a filler in my kitchen has anything used it, do you think it would work?
  10. I've decided to cut up the wood that I laid down by the stairs to the front door and lay another piece down that's correctly measured and put strip of wood over to part where they meet if I don't like the meet up, I'll sand it and stain all of the floors this way I don't have to worry about maricopa filler and stain... wish me luck!
  11. What's the best stainable putty? I feel like if started over it will still have the meet up spots in the front... Thanks for the advice!!
  12. So I started off with the wood floors from hobby lobby and I put the floors down and then I cut out the stairs but I messed up on cutting out the stairs so I put little squares you can see in the picture, and I added the other wood slats and I didn't like how it all met up so I tried to put wood filler in there but it's none stainable wood filler so when I tried to stain it it wouldn't stain. Then I tried a pen that was Walnut colored but it ended up being too dark. It's was a minwax wood finish stain marker but it was way too dark so then there was darker lines on the floor which made it look
  13. Idk how to make add pics, I was able to add the floor pic on my profile
  14. Ty I will try to make an album!
  15. I can't post a picture but I over cut on my stairs and hat to add pieces I don't like how it looks or the parts where the floor meets up together, I sanded off the shine and stain, but now I have to stain it.
  16. Hi everyone, I laid down my floors and did not like how it looked so I asked it all down, what's the best kind of stain and finish?
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