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  1. My first build and decorate. I made as many accessories as possible, bought a few, and added finishes to some Dollar Tree furniture.
  2. Thanks for the info! I do live 1inchminis she was one of the first tutorials I found I’m getting ready to start a new project—a lighthouse! It’s a side display table and is kinda in between 1/12 and 1/24 but I’ll make do—this one is for me so no pressure
  3. My first build and decorate. Greenleaf Orchid. I named her “The Cozy Rosy” It was partially built but I disassembled as glue was weak and it hadn’t been sanded—at all! I made most of the furniture and accessories. I bought bathroom fixtures as my skill set isn’t yet ready for toilets etc. I bought dressers and accent tables from Dollar Tree and finished them in distressed modern Shabby Chic. It sealed my fate as a mini lover. I’m officially hooked. I would add pics but I guess mine are too big off the phone. When I figure out how to shrink the kB...
  4. I’ve been perusing topics and galleries and have noticed like on the mini swap that the newest post is years old...are miniaturists a disappearing breed? I’m just getting started...I get so very disappointed when on Pinterest etc that people don’t really share knowledge, they tease and then send you their Etsy account. I get it but....I’m old school. My biggest problem is making that vital connection from idea to skill set. I know experience is the best master but does anyone know a great spot or site that does good tutorials? Ones that show how to best hold the tool start with basics and mov
  5. I recently scored a NIB Newberg...I will open and look if you still need
  6. I am well acquainted with the hording issue...now im just a little more directed in my stash. I have 5 granddaughters and an 8 yr old daughter to play minis with. I would post pics but dont know how to make them smaller lol.
  7. I use clear spray paint. Apply a couple light coats and dry thoroughly
  8. I’m a tech idiot and I think I’m in new member introduction. If I’m right that’s one hurdle down lol. Already had to change email password to confirm account and may go into a tech panic at any moment. I’m new to miniature...I’ve done two houses...kind of. The first was a $3 yard sale badly constructed disaster I made so many mistakes on and the one I’ve just finished, “The Orchid” was a partially constructed $10 yard sale find. It actually still had most pieces and instructions. I made most everything in it and many many mistakes lol. I’m learning. Recently had a new granddaughter so have a
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