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  1. Oh how I wish I had snatched up that Georgian that was on eBay! I see the Vermont farmhouse jr used to be front opening. I am wondering if it wouldn’t be so hard to make it front open?
  2. I’m in snowy Michigan, so California is a bit far. ;(
  3. Also, the front opening Victorian is the dream house for me. If I lived in CA I’d buy the Georgian and take the Victorian off your hands.
  4. That is a wonderful house! Is there a way to sneak that past my husband? Might be worth it!
  5. Havanaholly I actually have been using that utility knife - and a saw and a Dremel. And sometimes a new piece of wood. Learning how to make my own in the end. I can do this!,
  6. I’m definitely thinking of building my own. I’m so frustrated with the orchid. At least 2 sheets are not usable because it wasn’t cut even half way through. The other boards splinter and break no matter how carefully I go over it with an exacto. I’ve been making most of my own pieces anyway. It’s a good starter so I can see how it should go together, but also a good example of what not to do.
  7. Wouldn’t it be fun to have say a four room dollhouse and each room has an exterior opening. But all closed it has a nice front of house look. I would buy that!
  8. Nell I did see those and I could not hold on to my hat at all! Those prices! I agree it might not be too hard to bash a kit to do this. 1/24 is so impressive and amazing to me. That’s tiny. I’ve gotten so many good ideas here. Thank you all.
  9. Oh Country Tudor is so cute! I’d love to see what you do with it. We need to get on this UK dollhouse trend!
  10. Thank you for. I do see so many on UK sites. That plan is very cute. So crazy to build my own? Maybe but then again this hobby is a bit on the crazy side, no? I am determined to finish the Orchid as my test run. I’m already finding I wish it didn’t need to be turned to be seen as I like in and out equally. But possibly build my own. Or.....bash one to make the exterior with a hinge. Has anyone done this?
  11. Thank you Havanaholly The McKinley is a nice space saver but I meant something where the exterior opens to reveal the interior. Plan toys has one but it seems more toy. It also looks like RGT Vermont farmhouse jr used to open like that. Why don’t they make these I wonder.
  12. Wondering if anyone knows of good front opening dollhouse kits. This would seem like a nice option for display as you wouldn’t have to turn it around to see the inside. Also running lighting on the back might be easier? I’m surprised there aren’t more dollhouses with this option. I’m new to the dollhouse hobby and wonder if there’s a reason I’m missing that there aren’t more out there. Pros and cons?
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