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  1. Thank you! I am truly floored! This forum has the most caring and helpful people anywhere! I cannot believe anyone cares so much about my projects. I'm going to work on the roof tomorrow now that I know what to do! Many thanks to everyone who researched this. I hope others will learn from it, too.
  2. Could they go sideways? They look kind of rectangular with a short side, no? Instead of long vertically, long horizontally?
  3. Glad it isn't me! That is the look I wanted and why I bought these. What a puzzle!
  4. Hi again! This is what the strip of Alessio Miniatures asphalt shingles looks like. I am not sure how to stagger (offset) them. One shingle space or 1/2 shingle space? Help much appreciated. I got lucky and was able to remove the ones I applied so I can start over! Thanks all.
  5. I found this video which recommends tacky glue. But the shingles don't look like mine, which have an entire shingle space between shingles, not a narrow line. I'm confused about the staggering now.
  6. Wow! You are right! I was offsetting by one whole shingle, not half a shingle. You just saved me! Thank you. Hopefully I can hide the error and at least the entire roof won't be ruined. Do you think hot glue would work? Can't hurt to try. I have a glue gun. Thanks so much for. helping me out.
  7. I found a second vintage Washington! Now I have two in progress. The purple house is WIP. The white house is how it looked when I purchased it for $15. It was in pretty bad condition, very crumbly but thanks to the wood glue on the edges trick, it is coming along very well. It needed a good clean, too. Not done, so please understand that much exterior work still remains. I was sad to have to remove nice wallpaper from the interior but I just did not trust what might be under it. Still figuring out the final colors for the exterior am pretty sure I am going to do a very simple interpretation (kind of folk art treatment) on the exterior this time, concentrating details on the interior. The other house may be the opposite. Thought some of you might enjoy seeing another Washington. If anyone knows of a third Washington that I can get a hold of, I'd like to do a tryptic. Three interpretations of the same vintage house!
  8. I finally made a decision and purchased asphalt shingles from Alessio Miniatures I am using E6000 glue to attach them to the roof of the Washington, which I painted before attempting this. But I am not liking the process. 1. I am a klutz with the glue. It is stringy coming out of the tube and gets all over the place no matter how careful I am. I am wearing gloves but I don't want glue where it does not belong on the house. 2. The glue takes forever to set. There are many strips to apply, which all of you know. (This my first time!) I am clearly going about this incorrectly, as at this rate it will take forever. I'd like each row to be at least somewhat secure before putting the next one down to avoid dislodging previous work. 3. The strips are not staying entirely flat. How do I keep them down during the setting process? 4. I am tempted to forget E6000 and just use Loctite. It sets almost right away, does not smell at all and I would be able to lay rows down fast. Thoughts?
  9. Sorry - could not load both photos. in the same post (too big!) Has anyone else worked with the Tidewater kits? I feel lucky to have found one, especially since I would not have known how to get started.
  10. So glad to see this topic! I have never done needlepoint before and just bought this partially finished carpet on Craigslist. I hope to learn how to finish it so I can use it for one of my doll houses. It came with a needle and the wool needed for the kit . . . experienced needlepionters, do you think a newbie has a chance at finishing this pretty carpet? It is from a kit by Tidewater.
  11. Hi! There are some significant differences, so if it is the right house, the builder bashed the kit! Center dormer. Mine has two side dormers. Windows are different (mine does not have bay windows and the placement is different.) This house has wings - my house has no wings. I do like The Charleston! It looks like a great house!
  12. Thanks! I am a bit bummed that the original builder did not do this because the wallpaper is nice. It does give me the opportunity to convert the walls to simulated old French plaster, which will be fun. I could never do that if the vintage wallpaper was in good condition!
  13. I have written about this house before but only recently (feel silly!) realized it may be a kit house. It has tab and slot construction, with tabs and supports running along the outside of the house. I was told it dates back to 1950 but I cannot be sure. The wallpaper is vintage and badly stained. Scale is 1:12. Any ideas? Thanks! The house needs windows and doors, so it might help to know its manufacturer. I installed a Greenleaf staircase from a Washington and it fits very well - just a tiny bit too short. I am also making decisions about the exterior (painted vs. stucco.) It would help to know the original designer's intentions.
  14. Mo and Joe finally do some work with lumber lying about. They ran out of nails, so could not finish clapboarding! Get organized guys! Lol.
  15. Tinyroomartist

    Washington rehab

    Rehab of 1970's Washington by Greenleaf. In progress and a lot of fun! Mo will live in the house and his neighbor, Joe, is helping him do the work, as well as letting him crash at his place while it gets done. They will do the reverse when Joe fixes his house up!
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