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  1. That's what I did, work room, staff dining, kitchen butlers room etc in basement. I'm working on the house from the bottom up decorating as I go. I've found it easier to do ornate ceilings before I put it together. Lot of forward planning. I'll put photos up
  2. Oh right thank you, shall endeavour to do so wish me luck
  3. Can't seem to download photos, it says file to big. Wish I knew what I was doing
  4. Thanks for responding, I have plug in boards, I've tested the other lights with the new transformer and they work but the chandelier doesn't so I don't quite know what to do. Do you think all 12 bulbs could havegone
  5. Dining room, drawing room and library so far.
  6. My 12 globe chandelier stopped working when I plugged it in to a board with too many globes for the transformer I had. Don't know what I'm doing first dolls house experience. I would like to try to repair it, does anyone know how I could do that
  7. About to start my first attempt at building a kit. Starting with the basement kit of the Grosvenor Hall. Basement. Hope to get some pointers from others more experienced.
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