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  1. This house is for sale again on Ebay , This time it is priced at $7,500. The copula is impressive (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿ There is another eye-watering dollhouse for sale on Ebay but $50,000 USD , which is a lot of money for many folks Link Here!
  2. There is currently a Dura-Craft Marquam Hill Mansion on Ebay for sale for $260.00, bear in mind the box weighs around 80 pounds. The seller is quoting a Standard Shipping Fee of $99.95. Link is here! Like everyone is saying you have to keep looking around on craigslist.com OfferUp, FB Marketplace, Etsy et al. Patience is key for kits that were made from companies that are no longer in business. I have been looking for an ArtPly Barrington Kit and have yet to run into one lately. Its like most things in life, when one least expects it the kit appears.
  3. I find the window treatments so darling!
  4. You are so talented Rebecca and congratulations on your winnings.
  5. Hi Muriel, isn't the story great. The production hired bespoke master miniaturists Mulvany & Rogers to recreate the dollhouse and its contents. I really do admire their work and wish they would make a line of miniatures for us mere mortals.
  6. HI Angela and welcome to our forum. Glad that you decided to join us. A bashed Victorian Mansion from Dura-craft for $40.00 is a great price. There are so many ways to restore an old doll house. There are people here who found houses in the rubbish bin and renovated them, whereas most people would of used it for firewood. Excited to hear about your plans.
  7. Hello Samantha and welcome to our forum. It is great to hear from another Carolinian, I am in NC. I have always wanted to find portrait miniatures in oil canvas for that gothic 19th century effect. ;-)
  8. In one way it is great that Michael's brought back miniatures to their salesfloor. It shows that the hobby is gaining traction again. At the same time their selection is very random. Hopefully they get better assortment in the near future.
  9. The different weathered textures from the roof, to the wood to the brick give the house a lot of realism.
  10. Cati


    This is so charming.
  11. Fabulous transformation! The house feels more airy and spacious.
  12. It looks like a 1960's MOD Mid-Century house. <3
  13. Linda, this is going to be beautiful, and Frank Lloyd Wright's work really does lend itself well for miniatures. Acacia Grove makes and sells lovely bricks in 1:6 scale and they also sell the molds too with different patterns. Some people use a lighter material that has the texture of concrete but is not super heavy to work with.
  14. I am so impressed with your work!!!
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