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  1. Looks like a rare Little Orphan Annie dollhouse that needs a rehab is for sale on ebay. I think the price is a bit high.
  2. The S/W Crafts dollhouse kits are so rare these days. The Little Orphan Annie Dollhouse is such a treasure. Whatever happened to S/W Crafts? Did they go belly up or get absorbed into another company?
  3. There is an early 1980s HouseWorks Dollhouse Kit #H1004 in half-scale, on Ebay right now that looks darling.
  4. HI Jenn, I saw this listing on Etsy too, her work is lovely. I especially like her Venetian Palazzo.
  5. Hello Sue! Congratulations on your Shadybrook Cabin build and welcome to our community. There are many nice and helpful folks here.
  6. Cati

    boat angel.jpg

    I <3 Poppy Parker!
  7. Hi Anita! It's so nice to make you acquaintance. For me, this forum has been an invaluable source of information, the last time I built a dollhouse I was a preteen, it has been wonderful to read other's people advice or reading about a particular build someone worked on. Not only that, there are super helpful people who also post picture tutorials of their builds or just share their progress. Welcome to our community!! P.S. I never outgrew collecting Barbie and other fashion 1:6 scale dolls. ;-)
  8. Some people lack basic communication skills, which is infuriating. It's why even bother listing it? My hunch is that maybe the dollhouse was already given away to someone else. The person probably forgot to take the Offer Up listing down or the person had a change of heart. Sad, because Matt you would have been a good custodian of the dollhouse.
  9. Greetings from a fellow TarHeel. Welcome to the forum and please share your progress with pictures. :-)
  10. Cati

    House Plans

    Hi Shareb, I found two companies online that offer this style, that I have been ruminating if I should buy. Has anyone here purchased from these companies before? Dollshouses Direct from the Uk offering an Art Deco style building in one and two stories. The Dolls House Emporium has this "Malibu Beach House Kit," that looks like an Art Deco building found in South Beach, FL. built in the 1920s.
  11. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this beautiful house.
  12. Found this Vintage Dollhouse Kit by S/W Crafts on Ebay. An unopened #860 Stucco Victorian Cottage.
  13. Cati

    House Plans

    Art Deco was such a distinctive style and sadly it was popular for such a brief period in time. I often wish there were more Art Deco kits available, as well as its predecessor Art Nouveau. While looking online I found someone who made that very house from Popular Mechanics plan.
  14. Hi Scott! It's so nice to see a returning member come back. I like your work and the colour composition of the picture is very en-pointe. Good Luck in 2021.
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