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  1. Cati


    I like the decor of your Pierce.
  2. Cati


    She's a beautiful calico cat.
  3. I think that Greenleaf houses are very pretty, I am considering building a Pierce or a Garfield as it reminds me of a Queen Anne house that is nearby where I live.
  4. She's going to come out beautiful when finished.
  5. Thank you for sharing this Arianna. I noticed that house number 18 are two Greenleaf Pierce dollhouses bashed together. I like the Pierce house a lot. I agree with you ladies, that some of the work in these dollhouses are not at the par excellence level.
  6. Cati


    I love your fashion scale dollhouse. It's so sleek and very LA. I collect a lot of Integrity dolls, Gene, vintage Barbies and Takara Jenny/ Licca Chan dolls. I'm always on a look out for ideas to put them in a beautiful space.
  7. Thanks Susie, I concur with you that the busiest people get the most done. I shall post pictures of my home and my dollhouse. I have been looking at some dollhouses with 3/8 walls, as I want something that I can pass as an heirloom on to a family member or friend when the time comes. Thus, I am looking at Real Good Toys and vintage Dura Craft heritage kits. Although, I do like some of the Greenleaf models.
  8. How lucky to have find a Lawbre dollhouse in thrift store, even if it is in shabby condition. I've seen beautifully done up dollhouses and the next owner changes the furniture and rips out the interior to reflect their aesthetic. Some people don't like the chintzy cottage look with the abundance of flowers and do them in a different look. It is also not just surviving spouses that want to "get rid of" the dollhouses and accessories, it's often surviving children or extended family members who could care less and can't be bothered dealing with the plethora of items left from the dec
  9. Over the years, I have also missed out on many vintage items; sometimes it's due to the seller not replying or the seller wanting an unrealistic price for their item. There is a pattern that some sellers have an emotional attachment to their dollhouse or they think it's worth a lot more because it's antique/vintage. It can be frustrating to send messages to sellers via craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace and dead silence follows. At the same time, that's the thrill of looking in the secondary market, from time to time one strikes a great deal.
  10. The dollhouse mansion is a solid 3/8 wood.
  11. Carrie, the dollhouse is an exact replica of the house the family home. The miniaturist is an enigma in this story, she sends the young wife her commissions through the mail. The miniaturist also sends accurate models of people and objects of the mansion that one would need to have intimate knowledge of. This cat and mouse chase becomes the the crux of the story and the protagonist goes on a hunt to search for the miniaturist. I've messaged you the ending.
  12. While out and about this afternoon, I stumbled upon a vintage dollhouse that belongs to an elderly lady whose family is encouraging for her to unload. Her family does not know anything about miniatures, nor do they seem to care, or have an idea of a fair value of it. Without asking too many question in order not to appear rude or nosy, the house is a 1:12 scale Victorian mansion, probably from either a retired kit or from a dollhouse company that is no longer in business. The house is fully built, however the interior was either ripped out or never finished. Nonetheless, th
  13. Kathie, I was being playful, because it seems that every show on HGTV these days have same aesthetic. It appears that the television trend of home renovation shows have affected the real estate market aptly dubbed the "HGTV Effect." It appears that the show producers will give participants time challenges to create stunning holiday vignettes. That's going to be hard, because creating miniatures are very much a slow and deliberate method. If the producers wants fast, they can always edit the show a certain to attract viewers.
  14. Has anyone seen "The Miniaturist" on PBS? It is based on a novel by Jessie Burton, the story is set during the 17th century Dutch Golden Age, where a young girl marries a rich merchant who bequeaths her a beautiful dollhouse. Without giving much away, it is a fascinating story full of intrigue, involving the dollhouse, the elusive miniaturist, and the dollhouse owner. The production brought on Mulvany & Rogers to make the 17th dollhouse replica. If you have not seen it, it is a good watch on a lazy afternoon.
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