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  1. Iowish


    Cheers Jess. The curved findings are from Joann They conduct heat very well, be careful if soldering. The yellow and white wires running from each LED are actually fine enough to fit through the tiny tubes. It took more effort to get 6 wires (3 LEDs) through the series of stacked beads (also from Joann).
  2. Iowish


    Thanks Jess, I just wanted to give it a go - I'm pleased enough with the pewter finish. I like your metallic paint suggestion on the tubing - I'll have to experiment.
  3. It took ages, only have to repeat the process 3 more times . looking at these pics again - I even liked the floor au natural - but it wasn't very period looking.
  4. Iowish


    Carrie - I've just placed an order for the same - anything to make life easier and the electrics longer lasting - Go raibth maith agat!
  5. Thanks Carrie - I'm gonna give the BAMBAM and grommets a go - I didn't know about them till tonight.
  6. Iowish


    Some stained glass or wooden lites in the windows is what I'm planning for the sidelights and transom - fingers crossed.
  7. Thank you Carrie - It will get better
  8. Iowish


    Thanks Colin - I look forward to making some headway
  9. Iowish

    Garfield Kit bash

    I've drawn upon, and learnt so much by viewing other peoples galleries, I thought I'd throw my own updates out there. Progress will likely be slow on this build (I'm a busy man ) but I look forward to sharing some updates/progress pics with you.
  10. Thank you Holly - I wish I could fit in some of these homes
  11. Hi Robin, The Garfield is a great wee architectural marvel, and you've done a splendid job in it's assembly here. Looking forward to viewing your gallery and future projects . Like you, I've drawn upon lots of inspiration from other's photos/posts of this home on here. Folks are so creative, I love seeing (and stealing ) all the ideas.
  12. Iowish

    The Garfield

    Hi Sally, I know you completed this house ages ago, but just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration your gallery has given me for my own Garfield which I've just recently started. As with your Fairfield, this wee house was beautifully detailed and finished. Lucky buyer got this one . Thank you! Michael
  13. Iowish

    Garfield Bash

    Hi Matt, Your Garfield gallery (and others) have been inspiration heaven for me the last few weeks as I've searched for ideas and how to's. I just started my own Garfield few weeks ago, and I loved your attention to detail on the exterior of this build, the addition of the dormer window and scaled porch. Just amazing! Thank you.
  14. Hi Tanya - I love your wee house - you did a great job on the staircase. I Just started building mine in December 2020 and realizing just what an undertaking it is lol . I'm looking forward to seeing some more updates. I'll hopefully get some photos of my own in a Gallery shortly. Needless to say, my staircase (especially the attic stairs) didn't turn out as straight or true as yours. But I went with the white paintwork and stained treads also. Happy Building!
  15. Iowish

    Garfield side

    Hi Jo, I spotted this house on Pinterest whilst looking for inspiration for my own recent purchase of the Garfield - Love your color choices and details on this wee house - Just beautiful.
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