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  1. Just to close out this thread, the castle is in its new home with Michael. We're excited to see the project moving forward again! Thanks, Michael!
  2. Hi Toby, Great! We'd be happy to have it go to a good home where it would fulfill its potential. We generally go up to Irvine on Saturday's so perhaps next week or the week after we could meet to arrange your pickup of the materials. Send me a direct message and we can work out the details.
  3. My late father worked on this masterpiece for 5 years but it is only half finished. This was his second build after completing a kit Victorian house. The castle fits across two custom craft tables he built on castors, each table is 4'x4' so the entire castle is nearly 8' across and about 3' wide. My mother is moving out of her house and we don't have room for this, nor time to finish the work ourselves. My father purchased a large amount of furniture, furnishings, and other material for this project, much of it still in original packaging, although not enough to complete/decorate/furnish e
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