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  1. Here's a rough idea of what it's going to look like- fit, trimmed, dry assembled. The roof for the tower was an absolute bear to assemble. This thing is positively huge!
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to add planking for the upper and lower outside decks, I don't want to leave it as bare MDF from the base. So, I tried cutting some strips from 1/32 birch sheeting, not sure if this will work because once I prime, it will probably fill in all the grooves. I'm after a white, painted deck look for this area.
  3. Also ended up having to cut new rear floor supports, was almost done with the second one then my table saw died. Off to Home Depot I guess...But you can see, look how much bigger the new floor is compared to what came with the kit. The other advantage is I was able to make complete floors out of one piece, vs multiple pieces of the tempered MDF plate material, which the only reason they were in several pieces was to cut down on the box size.
  4. Okay finally managed to resize a picture, as you can see, floors are redone in 1/8" ply,
  5. Well, finally getting somewhere on it now, I had to completely redo the floor material, pictures coming if I can figure out how to resize them, says max is 180KB
  6. That looks really good! This is laminate from the box store? I'll have to put my oldest daughter on that task...
  7. Also a great idea, you guys rock! The dollhouse specific flooring material I'm seeing on Amazon is super expensive, so it's good to see some reasonable alternatives. How thick is the flooring you use, and do you have any pictures of the process and/or finished product?
  8. That's a really good idea. I'll start looking for some appropriately sized molding. There's one more wrinkle here- I bought the Cir-Kit wiring set because we're going to do lighting. I'm guessing with a tray ceiling like this you'd just ensure some gaps are built in to run the wiring ribbon? They say you're supposed to fully prime the house first before running wiring tape.
  9. Thank you. Yes, I've double, triple checked everything before using a drop of glue. I'm new to dollhouses, but not building, as I used to build balsa R/C airplane kits, and know the drill with ensuring correct parts fit. Everything is snug as can be, and was taped to ensure it stayed that way during construction. Thank you! This is very interesting- the instructions you posted were revised in 1987- mine are from 1979. The first thing I noticed is they are much improved, and actually have more pictures. The second thing I noticed, is the floors have increased in size. Mine are 31"X13.5. In the manual you posted, they are listed as 33.25X14. So, it appears they were in fact wrong on the version I have. What do most of you recommend for flooring material, and do you know if there's a source of supply for grooved white pine stock? I'd do the floors in Midwest plywood, but that would run like $50/floor, so I'm hoping there's a cheaper alternative.
  10. Hi all, first post here. So for some years after we had our daughters, my wife had mentioned getting a dollhouse kit when she was a little, but it was never built, and lost to time. Well, since both her parents had passed, the other weekend we were working on cleaning out the estate, and low and behold, found a NIB Dura-Craft Victorian (VH-600) under a bunch of old mattresses and junk in the attic! Our daughters were so excited to find it, so we got to work right away. The first thing I noticed is the instructions are horrific. Not just that they've been eaten by silverfish, but they're not very easy to follow. However, I am very confident I built the walls exactly per the verbiage and the diagram. Things were humming along great until two days ago- the floors don't fit! For whatever reason, the 2nd floor, the attic floor, and the wing 2nd floor all have about a 1/4 gap around the sides and front, and that's with the edge pieces installed. The roof pieces fit fine, so I can't figure out what's up with the flooring. The only way I can see to get the long ways dimension to go snug would be to either 1- buy new flooring, or 2- trim the long wall down 1/2 inch, but that will throw everything else off. Has anyone else run into this issue? What did you do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Note: I have several pictures so uploading was not an option. However, I have included a Google Drive link directly to my folder of pictures for ease of use and to help illustrate what I described. (Let me know if you cannot access/see the pictures.) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KXOvRaVumkBQGH8JYbzzsPkkfslB5s2Q?usp=sharing
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