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  1. LOL. Here is my Phicen. I saw another post online where someone had used clothing from a Boxy Doll. I found one on clearance at Walmart and figured that was a good deal for an outfit. The skirt fits perfectly. The top is tight and the velcro doesn't close perfectly, but her hair covers it so for $5, this works for now. I have seen the jeans on Etsy and they are on my wishlist.
  2. Where did you find clothes for your Phicen? I have one and would like to get her covered. LOL.
  3. I have been collecting my dollhouse dolls for the past 30 years. I do want them to reflect my family of 5 as close as possible, but there are a few extra acquisitions that I couldn't resist such as the French maid (tags still attached done by a Barbara Cooper of Cary NC), the nanny and the cook, which was purchased from Sherri Colvin's minidollkits. I also just purchased my first 1/12 scale Phicen lady but she needs clothes!
  4. Has anyone replaced the larger light plugs with the smaller 1/2" scale mini plug? I'm just wondering if it's possible or if I would have to twist wires from mini plug on to the larger lamp after removing the larger plug. Thanks!
  5. Hi I'm Carrie and I'm here for help with my refinishing my 30 year old dollhouse that I built back in college. It's stood up to multiple military moves and several years of storage. Although I had to remove the front porch and balcony because it wouldn't fit in the storage container , so I would like to rebuilt that. Anyhow, glad to be here! I have a bakery I want to build also.
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