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  1. Hello-Let me start by saying that this is my first house and I have followed every instruction to the letter (not my usual way of doing things!!) The house is up now and the chimney/fireplace is coming up soon. The instructions are looking very scary so I would love any tips/suggestions. I am not AT ALL above deviating from the instructions if there is an easier-even if more expensive-way...such as using stones, etc. in stead of using the powder/template strip that is provided. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello from West Virginia! I am new to the miniature world and am loving it already! My husband and I have been blessed with 11 grandchildren who are 6 years of age and younger (5 grandchildren born in one year!). We moved from the DC area to a log home in West Virginia and thought it would be great fun to build a miniature look-alike as a dollhouse for our grandchildren. And boy is it time-consuming work!! Having never done this before, I am being very careful (hence the time-consuming part) and will appreciate any suggestions/tips from all of you pros out there! Stay well-Beth
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